Pho 24, Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam

I tried a lot of the national dish, pho bo – beef noodle soup, in Vietnam. While I loved the freshness and simpleness of the dish, I often found it lacking taste. Pho 24 was a very pleasant surprise. This chain of noodle soup restaurants makes a delicious pho bo. I think the key is the plate full of fresh herbs and lime you can add to your soup that come on the side. There are a number of outlets around the city but this one in Thi Sach street is particularly worth a visit as you can sit at the window and enjoy the lake view. Soup is between 38 000 and 45 000 Dong per serving.

Pho 24
3B Thi Sach ST.
Hai Ba Trung Dis
Tel(84-4) 3976 4725
[email protected]

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