Persian Palace Supermarket, Ampang, Malaysia

A friend recommended the Persian Palace Supermarket near Ampang Point for buying dates. She said they are fresh, there’s a good variety and that they are very reasonably priced compared to other places around town. I dropped into this market over the weekend and found lots of other reasons to visit too. A decent range of both fresh and packaged products from the Middle East and a lovely owner, who is very willing to help you with your selections, can also be found here. One of my favourite discoveries was a huge variety of Clipper organic and fair trade teas. With flavours such as ginger & lemon, green tea & strawberry, and orange and coconut it will be hard to leave with just one box. The prices are fair too – less than 10RM for 20 bags. I also found more varieties of feta than I’ve seen in any one place in KL. So if you like this salty softer style cheese you’ll be spoilt for choice. Persian Palace also has an entire shelf dedicated to rock candy – great swizzled in a strong cup of coffee. Damas sweets is just two doors down, so there are now two very good reasons to go exploring the side streets of Ampang Point.

Persian Palace Supermarket
9 & 10 Jalan Mamanda 5
Ampang Point
68000 Ampang
Selangor, Malaysia
+6 03 4258 118


  1. Are you still open? I'm coming to KL tomorrow and want to shop there. Can't tell if this store is still open.

  2. hi! iaman live in cambodia i want to ask you if do you have some iranian drinks with folower test i want to open coffe shop and want iranian pruduct , please let me now and send photo , thanks nik

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