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Redefining Traditional Malaysian Cuisine with Chef Zubir at Le Meridien
The large round space of Latest Recipe, Le Meridien, breathes high spirits and light heartedness. You can’t help but feel upbeat in this place with its floor to ceiling glass, bright lighting and colourful displays. A gigantic chromatic glass wind chime hangs from the ceiling adorning the nucleus. Le Meridien, known for its artistic penchant doesn’t disappoint with the small touches. Blue bubble glasses, twirly iron dressing on the walls and local artwork displays all gift aesthetic pleasure.  And… that’s just the setting. The food too is presented with creative flare – not over the top, it is a buffet after all, but enough to make you look twice.
This festive season, Chef Zubir brings his favourite recipes from the Kampung, those dishes that his mum used to make, those that speak to him “happy memories” of family and cultural celebrations, and adds his own modern touch. At Latest Recipe you’ll find traditional cuisine revamped. While the regular Japanese, Western, Chinese and Indian stations remain, you’ll find touches of Malay throughout. Some of you might recognize friendly Chef Zubir from Master Chef Malaysia. At our buffet preview tonight he shared some of his favourite dishes, ones that are not to be missed from the Ramadan spread. Look out for the Chicken Rendang, Lamb cooked with curry, beans and chick peas, Durian Pancakes, Bee Hoon Soup Utara Style, Barramundi Portuguese Style and, their Signature Roast Lamb. He clearly loves this time of year. His face lights up as he talks about how he and his family enjoy the festivities and the coming together over food this season. Traditional drinks accompany the buffet too. Look forward to trying kurma juice, teh terik, sugar cane, sirap bandung and soya bean refreshments. 
Of the many Ramadan previews we’ve sampled so far, both hubby and I agree (wow!) that this is the best so far. We’ve always been fans of Latest Recipe for its freshness and an impressive Indian section. The Indian section has not only maintained high quality over the years but presents an excellent array of dishes including at least five vegetarian options. Tandoori is of note here, as is the palak paneer. The Japanese tepanyaki has always been a pleaser on our plates too. Tonight was no different with tender strips of beef in a light pepper gravy melting in hubby’s mouth causing the corners of his lips to turn up more than once. 
Amongst many, some of hubby’s favourites tonight were: the chicken rice – soft, falls apart as it enters your mouth; Portugese style barramundi – the fish is cooked first and only after is the gravy added on top: roast lamb and; tandoori chicken – even the chef gave it a special mention as one of the best. For me, the fried anchovy salad, palak paneer, cheesecake with maple syrup and caramelized nut topping, sticky fermented rice with coconut sauce, fresh local fruits and the Malay food in general were all worthy of seconds. The topper of the night though, confirmed by hubby’s endless mmms and aaahs were the freshly made fritters – thick pieces of yam, sweet potato and banana covered with a slightly sweet batter deep fried on the spot – straight out of the hot pot and into his mouth. I had to nudge him a couple of times, reminding him that we were in polite company to stop the orgasmic mmms coming from his mouth.
There is a seven day rotation menu so you can come every day of the week and find something new. From July 23 – August 17, this special buffet is available Monday to Friday from 6:30pm – 10:30pm for RM128 for adults and RM64 for children. Dining after 9pm rewards you with a special price of RM88 for adults and RM44 for children. The Saturday and Sunday buffet runs for the same time at a price of RM118 for adults and RM59 for children. Guests receive complimentary parking on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Reason to visit:  the best Ramadan buffet we have tried this pre festive season
Latest Recipe
Le Meridien
2 Jalan Stesen Sentral
KL Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2263 7888
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  1. I m still looking for a good place for Ramadan buffet..
    Bringing my staff … Somewhere near shah alam…
    I thought of putrajaya… Any good ideas?

  2. Too expensive for old pensioner, can't afford…and can't possibly eat very much either…and should avoid as well in case of gout attacks…and other health ailments. Sobssssss!!!!!

  3. I was there last year and boy it was packed with ppl!!

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