Sundays with Chef Peter… From Gidleigh Park to Phukets Vegetarian Festival

Sundays with Chef Peter!
Back Home at Gidleigh
Park, Chagford, Devon, United Kingdom

promised in last week’s post my review on Afternoon Tea at Gidleigh Park though
I must apologize for the lack of pictures on the actual tea which for some reason disappeared
from my camera.
winning Gidleigh Park is situated in the heart of Dartmoor near Chagford, Devon
(not far from where I spent the first few years of my life), not the easiest place
to find but when you get to Chagford it is well sign posted and the locals are
friendly enough to point you in the right direction.
day was a wonderful summer’s day and this made our drive though the narrow country
lanes lined with moss covered granite, bowing trees and moor ferns even more
fabulous with the sun glistening through and giving that magical “middle earth”
feel. Devon on a glorious summer’s day is heaven on
earth dahlings!
you arrive at Gidleigh Park a fabulous Tudor country house set in perfectly
manicured grounds with the River Teign running through it, playing in the

the day was so perfect I kicked myself for not making this a special treat and
spending a night here with delicious dinner by Chef Michael Caines who worked hard for Gidleigh
Park to gain 2 Michelin Stars, not bad for a Devon boy! Alas dahlings I had not
budgeted for such an extravaganza this visit.
arrived a little early for tea so took a walk around the beautiful grounds and
when ready for tea, made our way to the drawing room greeted by a pleasant old butler
who fits the place perfectly.
drawing room is large and spacious with period furniture and we chose a table
next to the fireplace which disappointingly was no longer an open fire but an enclosed wood burner which was a bit of a shame and spoilt our “Downtown Abbey” moment with the crackle of the fire but respect the “green” world we live in today.
waiter, not a local but very polite and efficient took care of our tea order but we thought a martini would be a good start on such a lovely occassion, mine a Classic and Alison an Appletini, both delicious!
tea selection was excellent and our waiter always made sure the cups were full
and pots replenished without having to ask. Then came the 3 tier tea stand full
of traditional tea goodies, a selection of sandwiches on the first tier
including salmon, cucumber and chicken, delicious fillings but for me the bread
too thick (door stoppers as mother calls them), on the second tier was a
selection of tea cakes, chocolate, fruit and a lemon which was topped with a
nice lemon fondant. The top tier plated some chocolates and berry laden tartlets
with a lovely thin sweet paste crust and lemon cream filling. There was also a
generous plate of cookies and petit fours served which all go well with a nice cuppa!

course no afternoon tea is complete without scones and clotted cream and this
was the highlight for me. I love my clotted cream as you know dahlings and when eating
with scones I put a good dollop on followed by a good smearing of jam
(have you heard the debate in England on which should come first, the jam or the
cream?). The scones at Gidleigh I must admit are the
best I have had (other than mine that is…), with the perfect split on the sides
from baking and light, not usual for scones but excellent dahlings eventhough they would not share their secret with me as I will with you! There was also plenty of clotted cream
which I like as I find most places serve the cream as if its butter
and you don’t get your good dollop! 
unhurried and very enjoyable feast but I must say that unless you really are
hungry and did not eat lunch or have just run the Ten Tors, I suggest one afternoon
tea shared with an extra pot of tea is more than enough for two.
such lovely ambience, service and too many delicious cakes and scones we 2 little piggies thought another
stroll around the grounds would be a good idea but daylight was fading and as
much as I love this part of the world, being lost on Dartmoor for a night with its legendary ghost is
not my idea of fun!
next time Gidleigh Park…..
to visit: Beautiful Hotel and grounds with excellent food and service.
Getting there but it’s worth it!
Prices: High Range

Tea at 25 English Pounds per person
Park, Chagford, Devon, United Kingdom

+441647 43236
+441647 432574
to the Vegetarian Festival, Phuket, Thailand

vegetarian festival in Phuket has just come to an end and I wanted to give it a
mention, a nine day event normally held in early October celebrating the Chinese
community’s belief that abstinence from meat, poultry, seafood, dairy and
various stimulants during this time will help them have good health and peace
of mind. As I cycle in Phuket it is the best way to get around seeing the
festival as the streets do get busy and there are a lot of diversions due to
the parades.
am unsure where the festival originates from but it is also celebrated in Malaysia
and other Asian countries. In Thailand the festival is called Tesagan Gin Je
and is celebrated throughout the country but at its height in Phuket where a
large percentage of the population is Chinese.

the festival the participants will all wear white and Phuket becomes a flurry
of white everywhere you go as well as the bright yellow flags with bright red Thai

are lined with stalls selling vegetarian food prepared and cooked in the sacred
kitchens of the Chinese temples for the occasion.  Restaurants also prepare vegetarian food, a
lot of which is shaped to look like actual fish or meat products, which to be
honest I never really understood!

day during the festival there are parades and different events going on at the
temples all around the island and it is fascinating. The festivities in Phuket
include the procession of mah song (mah song are the people who invite the
spirits of gods to possess their bodies) wearing elaborate costumes who pierce
their cheeks and tongues with all manner of things, including swords, banners,
table lamps, umbrellas, flags and flowers. Others self mutilation is also done
such as cutting and self flogging. Supporters accompany the mah song to keep
their wounds clean and help to support the larger pieces and simply to keep
people out of the way!

is believed that while possessed the mah song will not feel any pain and I know
from my staff that have taken part that it’s true and have seen how amazingly
quickly the scars heal. Whilst in possession the mah song seem unaware of their
surroundings and shake their heads continually. I even heard one of my staff
speak a completely different language!
events such as fire walking, blade ladder climbing and boiling oil showers also
take place.

close of the festival is a great climax with a big and very noisy procession
through the streets with all the participants making merit to send the gods
back home, really worth seeing but be prepared for a lot of smoke, firecrackers
and noise, I love it!
must admit when I first came to Phuket and saw these events I was a little
skeptical but have since come to have a great respect for the festival and its participants
and I am happy to see that every year the festival grows in size rather than dwindling
in these fast moving times.
I partake dahlings is another matter, though I have managed it one time, being
vegetarian that is!
A participant on a bed of nails….
hope you’ll enjoy my selection of pictures of the festival and that one day you
may come.

Sunday dahlings, until next week!

And if it is a sunny day then here is your umbrella

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  1. Scrolling…sees photo with skewer…*faints!!!* LOL!!!

    • Suituapui,
      I guess then fire walking would not be much fun either!
      I have a morbid fascination seeing this and they seem as if they are enjoying it too!
      See you next week…

  2. I'd love to have my Afternoon Tea at Gidleigh Park too! Simply gorgeous place. Thks for sharing the shots, Peter!

    • Dear Shirley,
      I really was sorry I lost the pictures of the tea itself but isn't Gidleigh a fabulous place. If your in that part of the world, well worth a visit! And eat lots of clotted cream!
      Thanks for reading..

  3. gosh, what a dramatic contrast between the scenes in gidleigh and those in phuket! anyway, you've got me daydreaming about an idyllic vacation in the former now! 😀

  4. Look at that greenery! I want some of that. What a contrast in posts! I think I'd prefer the tame English countryside. Although I'm wondering if this post is a little like Chef Peter – a complexity of contrasts. Refined well mannered British boy on the surface and untamed wild man underneath? ;-0

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