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A Kelly Cake Bag
good day to you and hope you are all well and having a great Sunday so far!
again been such a crazy week here at Les Diables with wedding cakes literally
coming out of my ears along with birthday cakes and pastries in between, plus my
interior decorator Ms. T. Wolf and Co. have been doing their magic with making
my little workshop look fabulous for me! (Thank you darlings.)
did however midweek have time to sneak off to a super cheese and wine tasting
at the Centara Grand Hotel, Karon with some excellent cheeses imported by my good
friend Suvit from American European Products in Bangkok. They were not “boutique”
cheeses but they were delicious nevertheless. One cheese in particular was
Chavroux, I don’t know where I have been all my life but it was the first time
I have tasted it and could not stop eating it, so I reckon it’s going to make a
pretty amazing cheese cake or pastry of which I will do a recipe for very soon
and share, but if not I’ll just keep on eating it on bread!.
was also good to catch up with Mr. Thouvard the G.M of the hotel who promises
me a gourmet dinner very soon so I can do a review (looking forward to that
I was out that night I was also fortunate to be invited to a wine dinner, perfect
after a few cheeses for canapés hosted by the lovely Andara hotel in Kamala where
fine wines were paired with Thai foods by Khun Benjawan Wisootsat, the M.D of
Fin (fabulous is needed, isn’t that just me daahlings!).
Thai food with fine wines is not an easy thing to do and mostly ends in tears but
Benjawan is an expert and I was impressed. I also loved the passion this lady
has for doing this and it oozes from her as I do for any professional who loves
what they do (I mean daahlings that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it, even
though in these days we may have forgotten a little and just thought it was all
about the MONEY)!
being at Silks Restaurant, Andara, I get to enjoy Thai food from one of the
best Thai Chefs on the island, Chef Ooy who also promises me an interview for The Yum List when all this madness dies down to tell me all her secrets about
what makes her Thai food so delicious! Ever since I have been in Phuket, Silks
was always one of my favourite places to eat good Thai food and with Chef Ooy
at the helm I have never been disappointed.
my dears there is much to look forward to in the coming weeks but for today I
am going to give you an update of the progress of Les Diables in pictures and
also some of the works we have made this week! 
Hobbit cake

know I was looking at the builders doing the walls, plastering and painting
this week and thought that they would probably make good cake decorators as
some techniques are very similar so at least if I do ever get bored of baking I
guess that means I can also give building a try, which could be fun and as a
bonus you also get to look at all the good looking guy’z and gal’z passing by
rather than sinks and baking trays!!
The Wall
The plaster
The Sach
The Curves
Looking like a cake?
The artist
The Colour
The Chandelier
Lotus and Orchids Wedding Cake
On the Beach
The Chairs Must GO!
Individual Wedding Cakes

and lastly, did you see Barbra and Shirley on the Oscar show? WOW!
See you next week!
Chef Peter…..
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  1. Fab blog as always but the chairs! Why didn't you mention that they had nothing to do with me… The interior designer! I want to spray the wood gold and reupholster in black. You put them onto the project a bit prematurely sweetie. Let's get the chairs done next week but put them outside before you launch any more photos.
    Cakes fabulous darling.
    Love u xx trace wolff

  2. you had me at handbag!

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