Le Bistro by Rimping Chiang Mai

with Chef Peter….

 Me and the Le Bistro team

Hello Daahlings!
are you doing! A big sorry for my absence the past couple of weeks but I was
just soo busy and had a serious lack of internet connection! Now you may think
where in the world can you not get internet these days but there are such

Promenada Chiang Mai

of them was at the Promenada, Chiang Mai where I have been these past weeks,
busy helping a new restaurant get off the ground. (Course darlings there will
be internet soon though the phone signal was not good I have to say.)

Rimping Entrance

is a new resort shopping mall in Chiang Mai and within this mall is the new
flagship store for Rimping Supermarket which has within in it a rather
delightful little restaurant called Le Bistro which is where I have been.

Le Bistro
Le Bistro

you like grocery shopping then Rimping at Promenada (or any other Rimping in Chiang
Mai) is the place for you. Full of over 38,000 (or more) epicurean delicacies
from around the world it really is delightful.
management of Rimping has been involved in retail in Chiang Mai for over 60
years. The first branch opened on the east bank of the River Ping, which flows
through the city centre. From the outset, Rimping has focused on providing a wide selection of high
quality local and imported products at fair prices.

Great selection of goods

very charming Khun Phairoj is the owner of Rimping and carries on the tradition
of giving the locals in Chiang Mai somewhere fabulous to shop and here at the
Promenada he went all out!

The first Rimping store
store is HUGE and full of goodies, if you look closely in the shop you will see
a wonderful molding of the first Rimping grocery store with his ancestors and
even an antique bike from the era and the whole store is designed to look like
you are in old Chiang Mai town, look up and you will see it really is FAB! There
are also some pretty amazing giant pumpkins weighing nearly as much as me!

Any one for a pumpkin!
How about this one!!

Phairoj designs his stores with the aim of making shopping a pleasure and if
you shop in any one of his stores you will see he has succeeded.

The Rimping Burger
Feta cheese, Asparagus, black olive and Salmon Tart
Bistro is a new venture for Khun Phairoj, a restaurant within the store and rather
nice it is too! Not only is there the restaurant but there is an oyster bar, a
bakery, a coffee corner and a great wine cellar for you to enjoy at the same
time, a gourmets delight!

The Super Club Sandwich
Welsh Rarebit
menu can be described as being all day dining, comfort food with a modern
twist. There is a great selection of appetizers, soups, sandwiches, mains and
Asian dishes as well as some great desserts, all of course created by Moi and
my super assistant Khun Bib, cooked and produced by the great team of Rimping
chefs and served by the service team lead by the charismatic Khun Ying who will
take super care of you. She also speaks fluent English and German and has a
great knowledge of wine so a real Chiang Mai treasure!
Beef in a Claypot
Phad Thai
love  Khao Soi the Chiang Mai Classic but
don’t like it too spicy and after many tastings around Chiang Mai I can
honestly say that Le Bistro has the very best made by Chef Noppaklao, Rimpings
executive chef (his stews and mussaman are also well worth a try).

Having a party or wine evening

great selection of wines is available by the glass kept at the perfect
temperature by modern technology or of course you can also go choose your wine
from the cellar which is a wine lover’s paradise. Khun Phiaroj is a wine connoisseur
and takes great care and pleasure in selecting the wines for his stores.

Making shopping a pleasure
The Wine Cellar (great for small parties)
some oysters, a lobster for lunch, Welsh rarebit or a good steak Le Bistro has
it all!

The Oven Bakery Section
I have to say I am not a great fan of shopping in general and especially
grocery shopping but walking around Rimping I thoroughly enjoyed the experience
especially being able to see all the different brands and choices so nicely presented
and of course being able to end it with a first class meal and glass of plonk,
what more can one ask for! And it’s not expensive too!

Chilled Gazpacho with Seared Prawns
Rimping Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine Reduction
one thing Khun Phairoj, PLEASE come to Phuket soon!

next week my dears!


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  1. Nice! It's a surprise to see a Wine Cellar in Promenda; I don't think we have any wine cellars for smaller parties in the malls here. =)

  2. Wow! really amazing Peter,
    I can't wait to visit this place!
    Well done

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