Brew N Bread, Specialty Coffee Roaster, Shah Alam

 Ellen Smilie, Alasdair Hamilton & Monica Tindall
Lazy Saturdays should be spent in a relaxing cafe or food joint, if this sounds like your cup of tea (or coffee) then Brew n Bread is a must visit. From KL it is about a 30 minute drive, but the longer scenic drive is worth it. Stepping into the cafe from the hot sun the smell hits us  instantaneously. It must be because the coffee was currently roasting in their very own roasting machine. From fresh green coffee beans that had arrived from various countries around the world, the smell of them slowly roasting is what makes this place a haven for coffee drinkers everywhere.
Brew N Bread, Small Batch Coffee Roaster, Shah Alam
Brew n Bread, Small Batch Coffee Roaster, Shah Alam
Brew N Bread, Small Batch Coffee Roaster, Shah Alam
The Roastery
A little known fact: Brew n Bread is one of the few coffee roasters that has the license to purchase and import green beans. This means that they control the whole roasting process, making your coffee that much better! Brew n Bread seeks to educate every coffee drinker and open them to the world of exquisite coffee varietals. With their own coffee mixologist making various blends, who would have thought so much thought could go into a cup of jo?
Brew N Bread, Small Batch Coffee Roaster, Shah Alam
White Coffee
A Good Deal
Open every day of the week, except Thursdays Brew n Bread offers amazing weekday deals of a hot sandwich and coffee for RM14 or bowl of pasta and coffee for RM19. At first we were not too sure about sandwiches and coffee, but upon first bite of their Jamaican Chicken Sandwich and sip of Cappuccino, we were converted. Their sandwich is a fusion of fruity compote, sliced apple, and oregano and garlic crusted chicken served in their homemade crusty ciabatta bread. It compares to those delicious day after Thanksgiving sandwiches.
Brew N Bread, Small Batch Coffee Roaster, Shah Alam
Toasted Sandwich
Chicken Roulade is a recipe developed by a French chef friend of theirs. The outside is crackling with fresh oregano and roasted garlic. The inside is stuffed with carrot and mushroom, and all topped with a pumpkin and sesame sauce.
Brew N Bread, Small Batch Coffee Roaster, Shah Alam
Chicken Roulade
Seafood Spaghetti was one of our favorites. Freshly cooked shrimp, turkey ham, grape tomatoes and snow peas. All topped with roasted garlic and a few sprinkles of chili to give you just enough heat to bring the flavors out.
Brew N Bread, Small Batch Coffee Roaster, Shah Alam
Seafood Spaghetti
Brew N Bread, Small Batch Coffee Roaster, Shah Alam
Eggs Waldorf
Pastries and bread are all homemade and fresh from the oven. They offer a variety of sweet and savory pastries ranging from a Spicy Chicken Curry to a sweet Kaya variety. The outer is buttery and flaky and interior stuffed to the edges with filling.
Brew N Bread, Small Batch Coffee Roaster, Shah Alam
Sardine Pastry
Brew N Bread, Small Batch Coffee Roaster, Shah Alam
Kaya Pastry
Brew N Bread, Small Batch Coffee Roaster, Shah Alam
Curry Chicken Pastry
Stay tuned for their upcoming revamped menu of more hot sandwiches and hot salads: meals in themselves!
The Coffee
For the coffee drinkers out there, Brew n Bread is an experience you must try. The team is very serious about coffee, and has multiple awards and certificates to prove it. The attention to detail in the roasting, brewing and finally in the table presentation all contribute to a unique experience. Any coffee drink you order, comes with an information card, naming the country of origin the beans come from, roasting details and tasting notes.
Brew N Bread, Small Batch Coffee Roaster, Shah Alam
Black Coffee
Espresso based drinks are made exceptionally well, but it’s the hand pours and cold brews that are real treats. Connoisseurs could well spend a few hours here drooling over various single origins and specialty coffees. For those in the know, the team here was even able to get their hands on La Esmeralda Panama Geisha – one of the most expensive auctioned coffees in the world!
Brew N Bread, Small Batch Coffee Roaster, Shah Alam
Panama Geisha
Currently sourcing beans from Asia, South America and Africa, the team has some extraordinary coffees for drinking both in the cafe, and available for brewing at home. So you can really ‘try before you buy.’ All Brew n Bread offers great experience, and is definitely worth the drive from KL.
Brew N Bread, Small Batch Coffee Roaster, Shah Alam
Take Some Coffee Home
Reasons to visit: great bang for your buck, some of the best coffee in town, warm atmosphere and an educational experience all about coffee.
Brew n Bread
10, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla M 31/M
Shah Alam, Malaysia
+6 03-5131 5201


  1. Looks like a very interesting place to visit outside the capital, KL.
    Is in up in the hills or on the coast??
    A very entertaining and informative report, Ellen and Alasdair
    and of course not forgetting the photographer extraordinaire,
    Monica, who must get into some strange positions to do her
    click clicking???
    As I lived in Papua New Guinea for 6 years before independence
    it is good to see that this country has an import of coffee
    to Malaysia – that coffee as shown???
    Coffee growing was in its infancy when I lived in PNG.
    PNG coffee is very good.
    Wow – those eggs waldorf look very appetising – but what is underneath
    the egg???
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

    • When there's no traffic it's about a 35 minute drive out of the city centre in some rare spacious green suburbs that we don't find in the CBD. Ha ha… I do what I can to get the best angle and lighting which sometimes involves some 'interesting' poses. Heard good things about PNG coffee. Also heard it's quite a dangerous place to reside. Were you in oil & gas? Eggs based with some sauteed mushies and seasoning. Delicious. 🙂

    • Don't collapse – Education!!!
      It is not the best of places to visit these days.

    • Bet it was an interesting post in the very least.

  2. Handsome young guys! Love the look of the sandwich…and everything else.

    Hmmmm…my link in your blogroll does not update since two days ago, same as in everybody else's blog with such auto-updates, dunno why. 🙁

  3. Lovely place, friendly and happy staff and the offerings look tantalizing!

  4. Great that the coffees here come with all the details you want to know 🙂

  5. The Decor looks lovely and the toasted sandwiches I would like.

  6. >Jamaican Chicken Sandwich

    Hmm… This is totally new to me.
    I love Jamaican food 🙂
    I have tried their jerk chicken, beef stew and curry mutton.
    And I love them all 🙂

  7. It is the first time I hear about eggs Waldorf. Looks special.


  8. Love the idea of fruit in a sandwich!

  9. The eggs Waldorf are special. Underneath the creamy hollandaise sauce and poached egg are 3 different types of garlic sautéed mushrooms. It is divine!

  10. Your food shots are stunning! Makes me drool, dear! xoxo

  11. What a charming place! I like their creativity in the food.

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