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Best Value for Money Meals in Kuala Lumpur

It’s hard to get the perfect balance when it comes to weighing up price point with quality of food these days. It seems there are excellent meals to be had for just as ‘superb’ prices, but also equally cheap meals to be had for below par ingredients. The Yum List has been busy hunting down restaurants where we feel you get a good quality meal for a fair price. There are a few. Here are our top three in:

Best Value for Money Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

Madisons (now closed)


best value meals kl
Madison’s proudly makes everything from scratch. Ingredients are carefully sourced and dishes are contemporary Australian in style. A set lunch of three courses here, which is available every day including weekends, will set you back just over RM40. For the quality of cuisine found in this hidden gem, that’s an incredibly good deal.
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Prices, even in the food court, in Pavilion seem to be elevated above the rest of the city. To try to capture the crowds however there are a number of cheap lunch deals, which serve up equally cheap food. There is one standout however, that provides high quality recipes, 100% made in house, for affordable prices: Quivo. Excellent happy hour deals see wine priced at two for RM26, cocktails two for RM28, and a plate of four sliders with chunky crispy wedges for RM20. The rest of the menu too sees satisfying dishes at very reasonable price points.
best value restaurants in kl
La Cafe Memoire

Truly a great find in TTDI, the team at La Cafe Memoire also make everything themselves including, breads, to-die-for fettuccine and sauces. Expect to snap up delicious meals, such as a Smoked Duck Salad for RM9 and an enormous juicy Pork Chop for RM25, and still find plenty of cash left in your wallet.

Where have you found the best value for money meals in the city?
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  1. Those dishes are well presented. Sometimes it's hard to find a good cheaper meal that is presented like the more expensive ones….breakfast for us usually costs between AU40.00 to AU50.00…that's for toasted sandwiches, bacon & eggs with tea or coffee, as an example…don't go out every morning for breakfast.

    • Margaret
      I hope that it the cost for 2????
      Certainly here in Brisbane that would be the dual cost at similar venues
      as shown here in KL / Malaysia.

      My travels to resorts in S.E.A / Pacific – Bali and Thailand, I always had the accommodation
      added in with the airfares and breakfasts were always included. These at 5 star
      establishments and breakfast on the beachfront was from 6.00 am – 11.30 am, also
      the same in Honolulu, the Philippines, New Caledonia and Guam ( never go to the latter!!!! – ONCE WAS ENOUGH – ONCE TOO MANY!!!)
      Thus breakfast – help yourself was enough till dinner.
      Then depending on finances – splash out in style at the hotel's premier restaurant
      or eat at one of the excellent local restaurants close by.
      Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

  2. Gotta take note of these places. Don't mind a bit expensive if the food is great but even better if it's value for money. That pork chop for only RM25 is a good deal – looks so good too!

  3. Awesome, dear! Would certainly love to check out these places! xoxo

  4. Good picks, all 3 seems legit value for money. I'd love to try that Madisons!

  5. I'll definitely be trying Quivo soon…thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  6. Thanks for the list! Hope I get to try all 3 soon. Best value for money meal for me is at Ma Maison Tonkatsu.

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