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The Blue Mansion, Penang, Malaysia

Once home to the man who the New York Times described as the ‘Rockefeller of the East,’ Cheong Fatt Tze, The Blue Mansion is cloaked in a rich history and intrigue. Located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of George Town, this 19th century property is the ideal venue from which to explore and embrace the vibrant historical and cultural essence of Penang.
The Blue Mansion, Penang, unesco site, boutique hotel
The Blue Mansion, Penang, unesco site, boutique hotel
A few minutes by foot can have you on the seaside, or possibly enjoying a cocktail overlooking the seaside at the institutional Farquhar’s Bar at the E&O. A few steps further afield will have you stumbling across historical sites such as forts, clock towers and piers. Head towards the city and you’re met with a plethora of food options, both hipster
cafes and old school street stalls alike. The Red Garden Food Court, a celebrated hawkers’ nest for filling one’s tummy with Penang’s delights is in the very same street. Enter some nearby shop-houses to browse arts, antiques and partake is a spot of shopping, or just wander the alleyways on a car-free Sunday morning to admire wall murals and pre-war architecture.
The Blue Mansion, Penang, unesco site, boutique hotel
Garden Seat
The Blue Mansion, Penang, unesco site, boutique hotel
Managed by the Samadhi group (best known for their gorgeous Tamarind Springs restaurant in KL, and Japamala, their 13 chalet jungle luxe resort on Tioman), The Blue Mansion has recently undergone major refurbishments, turning the once beautiful but budget hotel into an oasis of opulence and calm. Grandeur of the past is layered with contemporary amenities, in the 18 rooms making up the boutique hotel. Each room is individually themed and furnished, with exquisite heirlooms from the family’s private collection, alongside modern amenities such as TV, mini-bar, iPod dock, WiFi, electronic
safe, hairdryer and rain shower.
The Blue Mansion, Penang, unesco site, boutique hotel
The Blue Mansion, Penang, unesco site, boutique hotel
Spiral Staircase
Two stories built around two garden courtyards house six different room categories. From the beautiful LIANG, to the grandiose 50’s ROOM, a stay here guarantees an authentic romp mirroring the historical district in which the property is rooted. At the time of writing the Jin and Zhou rooms have future plans of direct pool access when the planned lap pool should be ready at the end of the year. The Tang and 50’s Rooms offer the most decadent living quarters with Jacuzzi baths hallmarks of each, and the Han with a sitting room, dining lounge and ensuite bathroom including tub and shower is well designed to
fit a family of three.
The Blue Mansion, Penang, unesco site, boutique hotel
Antique Chair
The Blue Mansion, Penang, unesco site, boutique hotel
Garden Courtyard
Rooms are marked with names rather than numbers and we’re appropriately in the Chang Yu – the wine label Cheong Fatt Tze cultivated to be the most important producer in all of China. In the past, no government or high-roller function was complete without lubricious amounts of the drop. It’s a perfect match, and we’re sure to enjoy a bottle of Chang Yu’s finest in the elegant Cheong Fatt Tze Cantonese Restaurant during dinner.
The Blue Mansion, Penang, boutique heritage hotel
Liang Bathroom
The Blue Mansion, Penang, boutique heritage hotel
Liang Bedroom
The Blue Mansion, Penang, unesco site, boutique hotel
Turn Down Service
The Blue Mansion, Penang, boutique heritage hotel
Directly outside our room is a long courtyard centred with a peaceful fishpond, lined with the signature blue walls, and adorned with verdant shrubbery. Arched wooden windows and doorways indicate the height of the lofty ceilings in each room – a true luxury in these times of monetizing every square inch. Coffee table with chairs mark the entrance of each
residence, and we find this a favourable spot to sit early morning and later afternoon with some of the gourmet treats found in our mini-bar.
The Blue Mansion, Penang, unesco site, boutique hotel
Courtyard Outside Rooms
An enterprising day of sightseeing gets set on the right route with a hearty breakfast, and most packages at The Blue Mansion include a sound beginning. Served in the Courtyard Dining Room, local and western dishes provide sustenance for a day of enthusiastic exploration.
A light buffet of fruit, cheese, salad and bread, immediately abates hunger pangs, giving us time to browse the long list of brekkie items. Eggs, pancakes, noodles, soup and rice, are supported by some creative smoothie combos, yoghurt drinks, fresh juices and hot beverages. Apart from our standard tea and coffee we try a few different concoctions, with repeat orders of the watermelon, ginger and mint blend as a fantastic wake-me-up boost.
Hubby’s first morning choice, The Blue Mansion’s Special, is a take on Egg’s Benedict. Hollandaise sauce coats runny poached eggs atop a fat slice of soft white bread. Wild mushrooms and cherry tomatoes are sautéed on the side with some flaky pastry and lettuce filling the rest of the plate. I attempt a healthy start with Oatmeal Porridge. It’s a pretty bowl adorned with fresh yoghurt, blueberries, ginger and apple compote. Lavender honey can be added at will to suit individual sweetness preferences. Hubby cottons on to
this toothsome treat and has soon snavelled my remains for his tea.
The Blue Mansion Special
The Blue Mansion, Penang, unesco site, boutique hotel
Our second day sees us enjoying some fluffy pancakes with banana compote, maple syrup and wild berries. We can’t escape without having something local and the wonton noodle soup, made with egg noodles and prawn dumplings in chicken broth, proves both filling and flavourful.
The Blue Mansion, Penang, unesco site, boutique hotel
The Blue Mansion, Penang, unesco site, boutique hotel
Wonton Noodle Soup
Sophisticated Cantonese cuisine prepared with contemporary flare is served in the hotel’s signature outlet, Cheong Fatt Tze Restaurant. With Chef Maurice Khoon Meng Toh at the helm, the menu reflects the jet-setting lifestyle of its namesake, promising a gastronomic journey bridging the passage of time in an elegant fine-dining experience. Dinner here is a ‘must’ while in Penang so do be sure to reserve an evening here – with time for cocktails on the verandah (once the master’s bedroom balcony) beforehand. Follow this link to find our recommendations of what to order, photos and prices.
The Blue Mansion, Penang, unesco site, boutique hotel
Cheong Fatt Tze Restaurant
The Blue Mansion, Penang, unesco site, boutique hotel
Prawns at Cheong Fatt Tze Restaurant
Guests wanting to take a little taste of a memorable evening at Cheong Fatt Tze Restaurant home with them can partake in a cooking demo with Chef Maurice. Set in the peaceful courtyard, we learn how to prepare Deep-Fried Prawns with Mango Mayonnaise. Click here to find the recipe and discover a few tricks hubby learned in the kitchen.
Chef Maurice

The Blue Mansion with a fabulous tale behind it (book in for a guided tour to hear the scandals, historic details, and some surprising Feng Shui facts) enriches any stay in Penang. Whether visiting for a relaxing weekend getaway or a schedule full of sightseeing, this stunning boutique hotel ensures the details from start to finish are furrowed in the elegance of tradition but with the comforts of modern times.

The Blue Mansion, Penang, unesco site, boutique hotel
The Blue Mansion
Room prices vary according to the season. In low tourist times and mid-week you’re more likely to hook a good deal. Check out the promotions section of their website to locate The Blue Mansions latest offers.
Reasons to visit: it’s like staying in a beautifully maintained museum – only with delicious food and luxurious amenities.

The Blue Mansion
14 Leith Street
10200 Penang
+6 04 262 0006
[email protected]
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  1. I bet "pounds to peanuts" that THIS BLUE BOUTIQUE HOTEL" could tell
    more stories of intrigue etc etc than Arthur Conan Doyle of Sherlock Holmes
    mysteries could dream up.
    If only walls even blue ones could talk – maybe even the air would be "blue".
    Plots and counter plots galore.

    Love the toilet view!!! Tut tut – the lid still up????
    However no doubt compensated by the monogrammed toiletry spices,
    soaps and lotions bag for thee and "T.O.H." – Oooooooh delightful
    decadence !!!

    Very chic and oh what stories hidden within the walls.
    PS: Brilliant sunny morning here – if only winter would stay like this!!!

    • Colin, you would really enjoy the tour here. We were lucky to get a private walk around and, oh boy, the stories that were told could easily out do the Bold and the Beautiful for a juicy tale.

    • Monica and "T.O.H" !!!

      The "B & B" – the fanciful goings-on of the most disfunctional TV family group to ever hit the screen???? Surely by now incest has happened as they marry one another on and off???
      I wonder did you get complimentary mini-bar service???
      I have seen so many agitated people checking out when presented with the mini-bar account.
      I recall one particular young honeymoon couple at of all places – the Oriental, Bangkok!!
      I met them at poolside one morning and they were so delighted with the service and so they should be – the Oriental ranked #1 in the World on and off and always in the top 5.
      They informed me of their delights with the mini-bar service and being restocked each morning.
      I just shut my mouth and grinned. I was in the lobby when they checked out.
      Holy hell you should have heard the rumpus when they were presented with their account.
      Fortunately "The Oriental" has large security people.
      Score: Oriental – in credit. Honey-mooners – in debt.
      The young couple were from Texas, USA!!!
      It is a wonder the Oriental was not bombed off the face of the earth
      when they got home – ha ha.

      Due to my family being in the pub game, I knew all about these mini-bars, so on
      arriving at my room I would remove in front of the bemused porter everything from the
      mini-bar except the free milk for coffee or tea, then see the room attendant and explain
      to them to leave out of fridge whilst I was in residence.
      Next off to a local bar and stock up on local beers and put in fridge.
      No mini-bar costs for "Little ole me" – ha ha.
      Pity some people can't read.

  2. I love the name and I love the look!

  3. Can't say I like the shade of blue and it sure needs a new coat of paint. The breakfast special looks great – the egg, really awesome…and the pancakes and the noodles too.

  4. Thanks for the peek inside. Love the distinctive blue colour of this beautifully restored mansion. The texture of the walls kept the pre-war era look….truly magnificent!

  5. Love the blue, the spiral staircase is excellent, all fits in so well. The food looks good as do your photographs..

  6. I was in Penang last year and wanted to see this house.
    I came across the Protestant Cemetery instead, and forgot about the house!

  7. Believe it or not… I have never been to the Blue Mansion before 😛

  8. What a beautifully restored mansion. I wouldn't be surprised to see Mr. Cheong Fatt Tze himself walking down the corridor one night – just a figment of my imagination for staying in a place with a long history.

  9. Looks like a great place. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  10. I enjoyed reading this blog post. It was inspiring and informative and makes me want to visit The Blue Mansion! Thank you.

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