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Words: Tania Henry

In a city that never sleeps, it’s hard to find the time to relax, recharge and give our body what it truly needs – rest. We are constantly on the go, whether it’s at work, study, running a family, in sports training or with traffic jams and fast-paced jobs. An ongoing stream of technology has our bodies is in a constant state of “on”. With burnout, stress and health issues on the rise, the wellness industry is booming and leading the way is ZeroGravity a hidden resting space in the heart of Sri Hartamas. With flotation therapy, guided meditation, sound baths, yoga and sound healing, ZeroGravity has a full suite of therapeutic treatments to help relieve stress levels, anxiety and muscle aches.

The clinic is situated in Block D at Plaza Damas Sri Hartamas up from Starbucks on the right and above Jack’s Pet Avenue. As I walked up the stairs I was a little unsure of what to expect, having never tried float therapy before but my anxious anticipation was quickly reassured as I was greeted by the friendly and knowledgeable owner, Melissa. Mel welcomed me warmly into the waiting room of tranquillity with neutral colours, comfortable couches, a chilled welcome drink, fresh aromas of citrus orange and calming spa instrumentals.

Flotation Therapy KL @ ZeroGravity

A sceptic turned advocate, my experience of Float Therapy (RM110 first float) had me converted from the beginning! I am still amazed at how a pod full of water and Epsom salts could transform me from my usual state of chaos into a blissful state of calm clarity in only one hour.

The flotation therapy room utilised a minimalistic design and consisted of a float tank ‘the Dreampod’, a private shower and a space to store my things. I started off my treatment with a nice warm shower with organic products to wash away the dirt and grit from the world outside. This was only one of many processes that Mel uses to ensure the water in the pods is kept clean.

I was then kindly instructed on how to use the pod including options for sound, lighting and closure – did I want to leave the pod open, ajar or fully closed? To ensure optimal sensory deprivation I closed the pod fully creating complete darkness and put in earbuds to help me block out the sound. Without the need to regulate my temperature, engage the senses and hold up my muscles my body and mind floated in a state of full relaxation drifting in and out of a dream-like state. The time passed slowly at first but before I knew it the soft instrumental waves of sound and warm lighting within the pod came back on and an hour had passed – where did the time go?

Feeling calm yet alert I slowly stepped out of the pod and took a warm shower to wash away the salts from the bath and allow my eyes to re-adjust to the lights of the world outside the healing cocoon. Mel had thought of everything to ensure a positive float experience even a little notepad and pen was provided to allow me the opportunity to jot down my creative thoughts that had come whilst floating. As I shut the door on the flotation room I heard the pod’s inbuilt cleaning and filtration system turn on – yet another step to ensure a high standard of hygiene is achieved.

With a hot herbal tea in hand and smiling from ear to ear Melissa helped me understand why I felt so clear, calm and at peace. The lack of sensory demands and flotation in the pod helps the body switch from a stress mode ‘fight or flight,’ to a calm mode ‘rest and digest’. The Epsom salts alone have been shown to improve magnesium levels, reduce stress and anxiety levels, lower inflammation and improve blood sugar levels and circulation. Through the salts and the floating, the brain waves are deepened into a balanced state of flow which is essentially a state of clarity and focused mindfulness. Even the Navy Seals are using float therapy now to fast track their language acquisition and many sports stars to enhance their physical training!

Practising what she preaches Melissa is an avid floater herself and started off her own journey after being diagnosed with adrenal fatigue – a sadly common issue in today’s busy world! Tired of flying to Thailand for the treatments she brought the therapy to KL and started up ZeroGravity. Melissa has an exceptional understanding of the science behind float therapy and works closely with people from all walks of life to help heal their ailments, physical and emotional pain or simply just achieve a post-float glow. While the evidence clearly points to the benefits of float therapy for physical and mental healing Melissa’s passion is an added bonus and she genuinely believes that floating can help people be better versions of themselves – better friends, family and parents. I certainly slept better, felt better and was more productive after my first float experience.

ZeroGravity flotation therapy KL
The Float Tank

Sound Bath @ ZeroGravity

For something even more relaxing I enjoyed the 1-hour Sound Bath (RM220) on my second visit, an experience similar to the flotation therapy but with Tibetan Singing Bowls playing a meditative harmony for the first 30-minutes. Stephanie Chan, a yoga teacher of 13 years, played the bowls skilfully so that my body felt the vibrations through the water. This combined with the sound entranced me ensuring a blissful state of stillness and meditation from the beginning. Just like you tune a guitar the sound bath tuned my body and mind bringing them together to achieve a more balanced note. For those who have an overactive mind and are looking for a way to relax this is a must! It certainly helped me shut off my monkey mind as Melissa likes to say!

Reasons to visit ZeroGravity: A pleasantly forced meditation experience in a dark and silent cocoon; a therapist with exceptional scientific and personal knowledge to help strengthen your float experience; a Tibetan sound bath to help silence your chaotic mind and chattering thoughts.

ZeroGravity Opening Hours: Mondays closed for cleaning of the pods; Tuesday-Friday 11-9pm; Saturday-Sunday 10am-7pm.

Flotation Therapy KL
D-1-12 Plaza Damas
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
+60 10 209 6565

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  1. Sounds like something that is worth a try!

  2. I wonder if I can fit into that tank. LOL!!!

  3. Sounds so good and relaxing!

  4. In Nepal, we went to Tibetan Singing Bowls therapy. It was so relaxing and perfect. So Sound Bath must be so good too.

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