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1.45am Bar Chinatown KL

1.45am Bar, Hidden Bar Chinatown KL

1.45am Bar Words: Aileen D.    Photos: Rich Callahan “Meet us at 1.45am Bar,” Mon said. I was like, “What an unearthly hour. Way past your bedtime!” But Mon was referring to the name of a new hidden bar in Chinatown: 1.45am. The name was casually blurted out by a […]

Concubine KL

Concubine KL, Restaurant & Bar Chinatown

Concubine KL Words: Monica Tindall     Photos: Rich Callahan Flirtatious and funky, Concubine KL, a new bar and restaurant in Chinatown, is inspired by the events that once took place within its walls, yet is firmly planted in the present with its contemporary …

Wildflowers KL Petaling Street

Wildflowers KL, Chinatown, Restaurant & Bar

Wildflowers KL Words: Monica Tindall   Photos: Rich Callahan From the same team who brought you, Merchants Lane comes Wildflowers KL – the latest food and beverage opening in the vibrant streets of Chinatown. While the former has reached almost legendary café …