October 2018

best Italian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur

Best Italian Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

Italian food is a love of ours and we’re fortunate that there are quite a number of great Italian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. From family friendly to upscale and romantic, there are a solid number of choices. Wood-fired pizza, hand-made pasta, meticulou…

CooLifting Kuala Lumpur

CooLifting, Red Carpet Facial, Lyfe Clinic

Monica Tindall Popularly nicknamed, the Red Carpet Facial, CooLifting has taken the celebrity world by storm. Said to reduce the appearance of your skin by 10 years in five minutes, of course, I couldn’t wait to give it a go! The team at Lyfe Clinic in PJ have the tech…

Fotona StarWalker

Fotona StarWalker, The MAC Clinic Bangsar

Monica Tindall Technology is changing at laser speed and it seems every month I’m presented with something new to assist with my skin goals. There is a trend towards non-invasive treatments and procedures that have little or no downtime with maximum results. Whi…