Five Fab Outings from The Gold Coast

When you’re ready to give the theme parks a boot and breathe in more natural turf, the Gold Coast has much to offer. Here are our top five spots to soak up the region’s natural beauty – all a half or full day trip from the coast. Best Day Trips From […]

Day trips from the Gold Coast, Queensland

Top Five Things To Do On Tamborine Mountain

A wonderful day trip from the Gold Coast, Mount Tamborine has lots to offer both young and old, the active and the less so, and gourmet and shopping lovers alike. Volcanic soil and an elevation of just over 500 metres nourishes native Australian bush, spectacular v…

VIP airport transfers Colombo

Malkey Car Rental, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Setting foot in a new country for the first time mostly fills me with excitement. A mild apprehension of the unknown however can sometimes hinder my full enjoyment. A sure way to allow the pleasure of travel to take full helm for me is having a prearranged airport tra…

Travel Etiquette

Trans Maldivian Airways, Maldivian Transport

Largest Seaplane Fleet in the World Our flight from Singapore to Malé is pretty much uneventful: good weather, smooth ride, calm passengers. As we approach Maldivian waters however, the mood picks up a definite buzz. A chatter of excitement elevates the energy a…

Lightfoot Travel, Bespoke Itineraries

Deciding on where to stay in the Maldives can be an overwhelming experience. Studying webpage after webpage of stunning beauty, pretty soon the sites all blend into a whir of brilliant aquamarine with promises of tranquility, superb service and delicious me…