Five Fab Outings from The Gold Coast

When you’re ready to give the theme parks a boot and breathe in more natural turf, the Gold Coast has much to offer. Here are our top five spots to soak up the region’s natural beauty – all a half or full day trip from the coast. Best Day Trips From […]

VIP airport transfers Colombo

Malkey Car Rental, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Setting foot in a new country for the first time mostly fills me with excitement. A mild apprehension of the unknown however can sometimes hinder my full enjoyment. A sure way to allow the pleasure of travel to take full helm for me is having a prearranged airport tra…

Travel Etiquette

Trans Maldivian Airways, Maldivian Transport

Largest Seaplane Fleet in the World Our flight from Singapore to Malé is pretty much uneventful: good weather, smooth ride, calm passengers. As we approach Maldivian waters however, the mood picks up a definite buzz. A chatter of excitement elevates the energy a…