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IR 1968, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

IR 1968 brings to KL upscale Indonesian food with a hint of Hong Kong influence.   Friendly and informative service combined with pleasant indoor and outdoor seating options makes for a fine retreat from the Ampang noise and chaos.  The menu appears rather pri…

Latin American Festival

Disappointed that you couldn’t get a reservation to the ‘sold out’ grande finale of the Venezuelan gastronomic festival?  Well, you should be… it was a sensory treat!  But, don’t worry your cravings for authentic L…

Pho 24, Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam

I tried a lot of the national dish, pho bo – beef noodle soup, in Vietnam. While I loved the freshness and simpleness of the dish, I often found it lacking taste. Pho 24 was a very pleasant surprise. This chain of noodle soup restaurants makes a delicious pho bo. […]