Huyze Die Maene Restaurant, Bruges, Belgium

This place is in a convenient location to watch the crowds flock by the main square. They offer a set lunch menu which is quite good value for the location. The service is friendly and it is a good place to try Flemish beef stew. Portions are medium sized – […]

Elizabeth’s, Waffles, Brussels, Belgium

One of the many treats worth trying in Brussels is the infamous waffle. There is no need to go with all of the excessive toppings that interfere with the flavour of the already divine dough below. Try a straight up waffle from Elizabeth’s on Rue au Beurre. Ther…

Boulangerie Charli, Brussels, Belgium

Charli Boulangerie has to be the best bakery I have ever been to! The bread here is soooo good. A little crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside, so yummy you could eat it all by itself – no toppings needed. They sell a variety of sandwiches, fresh bread, […]

La Grande Epicerie, France, Paris

This gourmet food store has just about every gourmet food product you could desire. Don’t even think of entering this place on an empty stomach, or risk leaving with 100s of Euros worth of edible goodies. The photos above show just a small selection of what is …

Chez Nous & Real Spelling, Cluis, France

A stay at Chez Nous, Cluis, France, is a satisfying adventure – both intellectually and gastronomically! I recently spent a week in Cluis, two hours south of Paris, France, learning about the orthography of the English language. While my expert linguisti…