Chez Nous & Real Spelling, Cluis, France

A stay at Chez Nous, Cluis, France, is a satisfying adventure – both intellectually and gastronomically! I recently spent a week in Cluis, two hours south of Paris, France, learning about the orthography of the English language. While my expert linguistic leader, Melvyn, opened my mind to how English orthography really works, his partner Pascal nourished me with delicious French home cooking. A week with Melvyn is an enlightening experience – in many aspects. I highly recommend signing up for a study week. You won’t ever think about words the same way again. Visit his website: for more information.

You don’t have to embark on the spelling journey, Chez Nous also offers rooms with meals. It is a popular stopover point for people travelling to the south of France, pilgrams, and many Parisians wishing to escape the big city for the weekend.

During my week with Melvyn and Pascal I enjoyed quail, quiche, prawn flambe, white bean and pork casserole, fettucine carbonara, artichokes, apple and pear tarts and an assortment of other mouth watering connections expertly prepared by Pascal. You eat with your hosts, who are most entertaining in both English and French. Meals always consist of a starter, a main, cheese, dessert and of course wine (of which Pascal makes an excellent selection – his favourites being reds from Beadeaux.) Bon appetit!

Chez Nous
Chambres et Table d’ Hotes
Pascal & Melvyn
9 rue d l’ Eglise
36340 Cluis
(+33) 02 54 31 20 77

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  1. Oh … the memories! Glad you had such a great time – but who wouldn't!! Thanks for sharing

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