Chef Rexxa Iskandar Brix.

Rexxa Iskandar, Chef & Owner Brix Restaurant

Rexxa Iskandar In this interview, Rexxa Iskandar, chef and owner of Brix restaurant in M City Ampang, shares some learnings from the pandemic and future plans. What do you do?  I am a professionally trained chef with more than 21 years of experience currently head…

Timothy Nathaniel Jay

Timothy Nathaniel Jay, Restauranteur and Chef

Timothy Nathaniel Jay In this interview, Timothy Nathaniel Jay, shares his view on the pandemic and some behind the stories from the viewpoint of a chef. Full name and title?The name on my birth certificate is Timothy Nathaniel Jay. Depending on how I know you and w…

Andrew Lai Curious Kitchen Owner

Andrew Lai, Founder & CEO of Curious Kitchen

Andrew Lai In this interview, Andrew Lai, Founder & CEO of Curious Kitchen, tells of his journey to opening the popular restaurant and bar in Tropicana Avenue and some possible future plans. What do you do? I’m the founder and CEO of Curious Kitchen. How did you …