Azura Othman Product Chef MEC3

Azura Othman, Product Specialist for MEC3

The Yum List chats with Azura Othman, Product Specialist of MEC3 and discovers some of her favourite places and some crazy stories from behind the scenes. What do you do and how did you get into the industry? I am a product chef representing an Italian company produc…

XO Tea Founders Peter Tuckey & Arjun Kumar

Peter Tuckey, Co-founder XO Tea Australia

In this interview, Peter Tuckey, co-founder of XO Tea Australia, shares with The Yum List why he got into the industry in the first place and some of his recommendations for enjoying the perfect cuppa. (Peter Tuckey is pictured on the right and co-founder Arjun Kum…

Gerald Chua JJ Supplier

Gerald Chua Sommelier JJ Wine Suppliers

Gerald Chua, a sommelier at JJ Suppliers, shares with us his personal growth within the industry and sheds some light on the difference between organic, biodynamic, natural and skin contact wine. What do you do? I am a manager and sommelier at JJ Wine and I peddle li…

Larry Lam The Lolla Co

Larry Lam, Founder The Lolla Co, Amp Walk

Larry Lam, owner of The Lolla Co in Amp Walk chats with The Yum List about what drove him to enter the coffee business and some life-changing moments along the way. What do you do and how did you get into the industry? It’s quite a funny story about how […]