Canvass Bistro & Cocktail Bar, Jalan Bedara

Canvass Bistro & Cocktail Bar, Jalan Bedara

Canvass Bistro & Cocktail Bar, Jalan Bedara Words: Matt Brown Photos: Rich Callahan Greenery abounds at the new location of Canvass Bistro and Cocktail Bar on Jalan Bedara. It features a gorgeous canopy of trees on the street, a blooming garden beside the out…

Torta Della Nonna

Luciano’s KL, Italian Street Food

Luciano’s KL – Italian Street Food Words: Rebecca Cannon Photos: Monica Tindall I have a weak spot for Italian food. I love the freshness and care that goes into the process and the comforting memories it brings back of happy summer travels. The newly …

Aposto KL

Italian Restaurants Kuala Lumpur

Italian Restaurants Kuala Lumpur You’ve probably guessed by now that we hold a special love for Italian food. Here are a bunch of Italian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur we’ve visited recently that we think you’ll love too. Italian Restaurants K…

French Fine Dining KL

French Fine Dining, Chateau Dionne

French Fine Dining – Chateau Dionne Words: Amanda Chin Photos: Monica Tindall Nestled in the cosy neighbourhood of Bukit Damansara, you’ll come across Chateau Dionne – a French fine dining restaurant. This gem of an eatery stands out because the founder (…

Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur Restaurant

Horizon Grill, Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur

Horizon Grill Words: Han Sen HauPhotos: Monica Tindall Let’s begin with the elephant in the room. Yes, the view from the 58th floor of Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur is spectacular. No doubt it would be foolish to not take a panoramic shot of the city when you are at the […]

European Restaurant Kuala Lumpur

Tifa KL- European Inspired Restaurant

Tifa KL Trillion Words: Sathya SelvarajahPhotos: Rich Callahan Every so often, there comes a place that captures your heart for innumerable reasons. Is it the quality of the food? Yes. Is it the mad happy hour deals? Of course. Is it the alfresco seating outside th…

Best restaurants Jalan Bangkung Bangsar

Opus Bistro, Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar

Opus Bistro Celebrates 20 Years! Words: Matt BrownPhotos: Rich Callahan For any food and beverage business to have survived the last two years is an amazing feat of resilience and creativity. For Opus Bistro in Bangsar to not only have weathered the last two but th…

Aposto KL

Aposto KL, Italian Restaurant, TTDI

Aposto KL, Contemporary ItalianTTDI Words: Sathya SelvarajahPhotos: Rich Callahan With rave reviews everywhere, it’s hard to believe Aposto KL has only been open for a few weeks. What is there to say that hasn’t already been said? After spending a…