Sakura Den

Sakura Den, Asian-themed Cocktail Bar

Sakura Den Words: Monica Tindall   Photos: Rich Callahan Sakura Den is a place where drinking is guilt-free as booze is combined with health tonics, liquor with Chinese medicine. At this craft cocktail bar off Old Klang Road, you can literally detox as you retox…

Celler Piñol Wine

Celler Piñol Wine Dinner, Stoked KL

Celler Piñol Wine Monica Tindall Carefully combining tradition with technology, art with science, the team at Celler Piñol produce fine wines in the medieval town of Batea, Terra Alta in Spain. The family-run cellar is devoted to organic farming and to bringing …

1.45am Bar Chinatown KL

Hidden Bars in KL & How To Find Them!

Hidden Bars in KL Monica Tindall Half the fun of a hidden bar is dragging your friend down a dark alley and saying, “trust me,” as you confidently dodge unknown dangers and pull your mate to safety through a concealed door, later to be rewarded with liqu…

Modern Madness KL

Modern Madness KL, Beer Infusions at REXKL

Modern Madness KL at REXKL Words: Patricia Podorsek    Photos: Monica Tindall Let’s start with a multiple-choice question: The new REXKL on Jalan Sultan is… a. A coffee shop b. A food court c. An art gallery d. A thrift shop e. A photo bus f. All of the above […]