best tapas bars granada

Where to Eat in Granada, Andalusia, Spain

We were in Granada for less than 24 hours and spent a good deal of that time wandering around the beautiful La Alhambra. With some leads from Andalusian friends and hubby who was hot on the heels of local residents chasing them down to confess their treasured eating h…

where to eat in Malaga

Where to Eat in Málaga and Marbella, Spain

The Province of Málaga is a popular summer destination for European tourists and Spaniards alike. The capital, Málaga claims fame as one of the oldest cities in Europe and also as the birthplace to Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas. Marbella, the luxe sister of …

where to eat in Cordoba, Spain

Where to Eat in Cordoba, Seville, Spain

The number one attraction in the beautiful town of Cordoba is La Mezquita, a beautiful building that once was a mosque, but has since turned into a Catholic cathedral. The architecture is stunning in that both the old and the newer remain, working in harmony to crea…