where to eat in Malaga

Where to Eat in Málaga and Marbella, Spain

The Province of Málaga is a popular summer destination for European tourists and Spaniards alike. The capital, Málaga claims fame as one of the oldest cities in Europe and also as the birthplace to Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas. Marbella, the luxe sister of Málaga, is playground to the rich and famous. We had a whizz through both, and again, with the help of some local foodie friends, tracked down a few ‘must eats’ in the area.

Where to Eat in Malaga


Vineria Cervantes – Part of a trio of outlets, this modern tapas bar has a focus on excellent wines from the region and small plates with a splash of creative flair. This was one of the best experiences we had on this trip – must visit.


Vineria Cervantes
Vineria Cervantes
Vineria Cervantes – Tuna
Vineria Cervantes – Anchovies
Vineria Cervantes – Ceviche
Vineria Cervantes – Fig Flan


Taberna el Mentidero – One of the things you must eat while in Malaga is the Espeto Sardinas – sardines barbecued on a stick. You can try them from one of a number of stalls on the beach, but to enjoy them with a glass of wine or other beverage in air-conditioned comfort, this is one of the best spots in the city centre to do so.


Taberna el Mentidero
Taberna el Mentidero
Taberna el Mentidero – Fresh fish ready for the barbecue
Taberna el Mentidero – fish on the barbecue
Taberna el Mentidero – Espeto Sardinas
Not so fond of the heads and tails so hid them under the lemon
Taberna el Mentidero – Fried Dogfish – Much more delicious than it looks! (it’s marinated first so when you bite through the crispy shell the mouth is filled with fresh juicy fish)
Taberna el Mentidero


Service Station – Couldn’t help but add this pic – love that bubbly and wine are sold right next to the soft drink, milk and bread in the service station – all the essentials.


malaga, cava
Bubbly for Sale in the Service Station


Where to Eat in Marbella


Bar El Asturiano – I have to admit, by this stage in our jaunt around Spain, we were beginning to tire of tapas and were looking for some heartier and healthier meals. Bar El Asturiano, located next to El Faro Hotel, fulfilled our need for something more substantial and we would, without a doubt, return for more of their delicious dishes from the north. Every day they feature a special from the region and I highly recommend the famous dish of Fabada Asturiana, a dish made of white beans, morcilla, pork shoulder, chorizo and saffron.


Bar El Asturiano – Fabada Asturiana

Mi Cafetin – This cafe was a welcome change from our tapas overload with its healthy set meals for reasonable prices. A nutritious starter and main will set you back a mere six euros. Make sure you eat a salad here – they are scrumptious!


Mi Cafetin

Mirador de Ana – We found this small restaurant lookout on the boardwalk of Marbella serving quality Churros con Chocolate with a fabulous view. Dip the deep fried batter in the hot chocolate and then drink the chocolate when you’ve finishing using it as a sauce. A sweet way to start the day!


Mirador de Ana
Churros con Chocolate – Mirador de Ana

Some photos of Márbella, Malaga and Puerto Banús (the even ritzier end of Márbella) 

Marbella – A Walk Around the Old Town
Marbella – Beach
Marbella – Summer Flowers
Marbella – Boardwalk
Marbella – Old Town
Marbella – Palm Trees on the Beach
Marbella – Beach
Puerto Banús – Foam Party on the Beach
Puerto Banús – Playground of the Rich and Famous
Puerto Banús
Puerto Banús – Marina
Puerto Banús
On the Road to Malaga from Granada
Malaga – Port
Malaga – Sardine BBQ Stall on the Beach
Malaga – Beach
Malaga – City Centre
Malaga – Port
Malaga – City Centre
Where are your favourite places to play in the area?


  1. As Lleyton Hewitt calls out, "C'mon" – I think the Spanish tennis players
    call out the Spanish equivalent of "Vamos"!!!
    A real must see coastal region of sunny Spain. Unfortunately I never had the
    time to get here so therefore am thoroughly enjoying your experience.
    Marbella – I think is a bit like Estorial in Portugal and the Nice/Monte Carlo area.
    Thick wallets are a necessity for FULL enjoyment. Well to stay at two is better
    than missing them all???

    There is just that something of Spanish sardines. I loved the way that they were at
    the bars free for the patrons to partake of when drinking that Sangria ( so innocent appearing,
    but with a somewhat deadly effect – I speak from experience!!!).

    Is that your El Cordobes striding out of the City Hall in Malaga???

    Fantastic promotional travel and food summary of this wonderful area.
    Colin El Cordobes of Brisbane ( not quite the same is it? ha ha)

    • Yes, Marbella is the playground for the rich and famous (or those wishing to be). I have not yet visited Estorial or Nice/ Monte Carlo, but I'll be sure to compare when I do.
      Oh if everyone could just eat a Spanish sardine… I'm sure the opinion of many would change – they're a far cry from the soft canned numbers mum forced us to eat as kids as they were "high in calcium, and good for the bones."
      Not my El Cordobes, but he does have a funny way of getting himself or some body part – finger, elbow, foot, reflection – in many of my photos – so much so that I've considered putting together a collection of "Where's hubby?" photos, much like "Where's Wally?" to play the spotting game.
      Thanks for the encouragement Colin! Hasta luego.

  2. Ooo….that tuna looks yum….and, by the way, I saw a slab of tuna in Ohla's facebook too (can't wait for it to be incorporated into their new tapas menu)! 😉

  3. Gorgeous and captivating views!

  4. Oh I miss Malaga too!
    Did you also visit Gibraltar?

    • We considered Gibraltar, but thought sleep more important in this whirlwind travel. Perhaps we'll get to it when we return to Jerez.

  5. What a view at the sea. Hope you are enjoying Spain.


  6. The sea views are wonderful.
    I couldn't eat a fish with the eyes looking at me…

  7. Marbella looks like such a lovely cafes – the cafe looks so beautiful, the architecture and the bougainvilleas…and the street is so nice and clean. I would enjoy the barbecued fish at Malaga, of that I am pretty sure…and yes, I'd leave the heads behind too. Nice works of art in that one.

    • That time of year is particularly beautiful. I think May, early June are the best times for visiting. End of June and then July and August it can get extremely hot. By the time we left (end of June) it was getting up to 45 degrees!

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