Sybille Kuntz Winert

Sybille Kuntz Wine Dinner, Skillet @163

Words: Nathaniel Jay    Photos: Monica Tindall Sybille Kuntz is rather a non-conventionalist in the wine-making industry of Germany. Based in Mosel Valley, she is a huge advocate of sustainability and has been producing dry, organic Riesling wines since 1990…

Agricola Querciabella Tuscany

Querciabella Wine Dinner, Stoked KL

I don’t know an Italian-wine lover who hasn’t dreamed at least once of life under the Tuscan sun. There is a romance associated with this region like none other and I think this is in part due to its beauty, partly because of the passion of the Italian people within […]

Torres Wine, La Bodega KL

Torres Wine, La Bodega Kuala Lumpur

Words: Kitty Lang Photos: Monica Tindall At a recent wine event at La Bodega we had the chance to celebrate one of their featured wine houses, Torres Wine from Spain. A household name, this is one of my favourite ‘affordable’ wines and we are fortunate to have such a l…

Bodegas Borsao Malaysia

Bodegas Borsao Wine Dinner, Stoked KL

Monica Tindall A Spanish winery, famous for Garnacha grapes in the province of Aragon, is this month’s featured winery at Stoked KL. Export director, Miss Virginia Gimenez, joins us sharing some stories behind the vines and leads a dinner paired with some signat…