Kin by The Daily Fix Malacca

Kin by The Daily Fix, Malacca Cafe

Kin by The Daily Fix, Malacca Monica Tindall Brought to you by the team behind Curious Bakers, The Daily Fix, Sharing Plates and Sin See Tai, Kin by The Daily Fix is the latest spot to grace Malacca’s hip café scene. A couple of kilometres outside of the Jonker Street […]

Puteh Rooftop Bar Malacca

Puteh Rooftop Bar Malacca

Puteh Rooftop Bar Malacca Monica Tindall The team behind Puteh Beach Bar in Kuantan and The Crane in Chinatown KL have spread their good vibes, food and cocktails to Malacca with the opening of Puteh Rooftop Bar. Perched on top of Eco Tree Hotel, the bar provides a 36…

Rosa Malacca – A Boutique Hotel Stay

Rosa Malacca – A Boutique Hotel Stay

Rosa Malacca Monica Tindall Describing themselves as a “designer lifestyle hotel,” Rosa Malacca promises a stay that is just a little out of the ordinary. Location Rosa Malacca is located about one and a half kilometres from the popular Jonker Street Market and a…

Budi Bar, A Hidden Cocktail Bar, Malacca

Budi Bar Malacca, A Malaccan-style Speakeasy

Budi Bar Malacca Monica Tindall Dondang Sayang is a form of music (sometimes translated as “love ballad”), that many say originated in Malacca around the 15th Century. Typically, two singers of the opposite sex exchange verse that is often humourous with layere…

Sin See Tai Malacca

Sin See Tai, Malacca, Coffee Roaster & Café

Sin See Tai Monica Tindall Pass over “Hell’s Gate” bridge in Malacca and you just might not come back. In the past, Jalan Jawa was a street of sin with opium dens, prostitution and all sorts of dark temptations. Today, however, there are just as many, but different re…

Malacca Weekend Trip

Salud Tapas Malacca, Spanish Restaurant and Bar

Salud Tapas Malacca Words: Monica Tindall    Photos: Rich Callahan “Salud” means “cheers” or “to your health” in Spanish and Salud Tapas Malacca is ready to salute you with what they claim to be some darn good sangria and bites to go with it. Located just off the mai…