Monti 1 Altitude Melaka

Monti 1-Altitude Melaka – Italian Restaurant

Monti 1-Altitude Melaka  – Italian Restaurant

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Renowned for breathtaking 360 views, award-winning cuisine, and quintessential Italian service in Singapore, Monti Italian restaurant has reached new heights at Melaka’s highest rooftop, 1-Altitude. The sister kitchen promises authentic contemporary Italian cuisine using premium ingredients, elevated by culinary maestros, Chefs Felix, Alessandro and Sam. Expect handcrafted pasta, beautifully plated recipes and equally impressive views. 

Italian restaurant Malacca
Monti 1 Altitude Melaka
Italian restaurant Malacca
Sea Views from the 44th Floor

Monti 1-Altitude Melaka – Italian

Living in Malaysia for over two decades, I’ve developed a soft spot for its laid-back charm, but service can sometimes be hit-or-miss. So, stepping into Monti Melaka and experiencing its seamless service is a delightful surprise. From the moment we walk in, we’re met with genuine warmth, shown to a table with captivating sea views, and presented with water, bread (thumbs up for an excellent salsa verde), and menus in quick succession. The staff is not just informed but intuitive, anticipating our needs without hovering. Although we’ve yet to try the food, Monti’s service has already impressed us. It’s a great beginning.


Sea views and an elevated dining experience deserve a cocktail, right? While a classic Negroni is my usual poison, its bold spirit can feel weighty before a midday meal. That’s where the Negroni Sbagliato (RM 48) steps in with a lighter touch. This charming cousin swaps gin for prosecco, softening the edges without sacrificing the bittersweet allure. Monti’s clever twist comes with coffee-infused Campari, adding a subtle caffeine kick that plays well with the sweet vermouth, bubbles, and classic orange peel garnish.

Hubby opts for the Sgroppino (RM 48) for a refreshingly contrasting choice. This Venetian classic blends lemon-infused vodka and sparkling wine, creating a bubbly canvas for tangy lemon sorbet and a hint of mint. Imagine a vibrant lemon popsicle melting into sunshine, leaving a trail of effervescence and a cool kiss of mint. It’s lovely on a warm afternoon.

Italian restaurant Malacca
Sgroppino & Negroni Sbagliato

Set Lunch Menu

We’re ordering a la carte today, but Monti also has a well-priced set lunch menu.

Italian restaurant Malacca
Set Lunch Menu

A la Carte Menu Monti Melaka


Monti’s signature dishes, marked by a chef’s hat symbol, provide a worry-free journey for first-timers. We take flight with the Hokkaido Scallops ‘A La Plancha’ (RM 75), a combo of sea and earth. Perfectly cooked, the scallops boast a golden-kissed crust and a melt-in-your-mouth centre. Creamy cauliflower puree and crisp broccoli are complemented by a light chilli oil and a hint of truffle. 

Italian restaurant Malacca
Hokkaido Scallops ‘A La Plancha’

Our Beef Tartare (RM 48) is plated beautifully and presented tableside by our server, Dovey. Dijon mustard and raw egg yolk mingle with briny pickles and capers. At the same time, a red onion sorbet offers a refreshing counterpoint. Aged balsamic vinegar (savour slowly, 25 years in the making!) and shaved Parmigiano Reggiano add depth and richness. Superbly thin and crisp crostini make the perfect scoop for the soft tartare.

Italian restaurant Malacca
Beef Tartare – Monti 1 Altitude Melaka

Monti Melaka Wine List

As we finish the last drops of our cocktails, our mind turns to wine. We like to drink to match our food, so check out the wine-by-the-glass menu. Currently, an Italian red and a white are available, so choosing is straightforward. 

The 2021 Poggio Dragone Trebbiano Chardonnay (RM 48 glass, RM 190 bottle) bursts from the glass with vibrant melon and pear aromas, leading to a palate of grapefruit, apple, and pear held in balance by crisp acidity. Crafted from 85% Trebbiano and 15% Chardonnay in Abruzzo’s Colline Pescaresi, this Italian gem thrives as an aperitif or alongside summer salads and seafood.

Monti 1 Altitude Melaka
2021 Poggio Dragone Trebbiano Chardonnay

Also from Abruzzo, the Sangiovese, I Lauri, Salto, 2019 (RM 48, 190 bottle) is a versatile red, partnering well with our truffle risotto and lamb. It starts with a violet hue, followed by a nose of ripe red fruits and a whisper of warm spice, which continue into the palate. The initial fruit unfolds gradually, culminating in a playful burst of tart red cherries.

Monti 1 Altitude Melaka
Sangiovese, I Lauri, Salto, 2019


Acquerello Risotto (RM 80) isn’t just a dish; it’s an interactive showstopper. The highlight is the tableside preparation, where server Arif transforms a wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano into a melty cheese heaven for the hot risotto. Layer after layer of the prized cheese is blended in with the rice. The result? A creamy, cheesy masterpiece that has hubby groaning murmurs of praise. Truffle shavings add the final touch of earthy elegance, making this risotto an unforgettable dish.

Monti 1 Altitude Melaka
Prepared Table-side in a Giant Cheese Wheel – Monti 1 Altitude Melaka
Monti 1 Altitude Melaka
Acquerello Risotto

In a nod to the restaurant’s location, Pasta Melaka (RM 56) honours local flavour. Pulled Beef Rendang sauces hand-made spaghetti coating it in the flavour-packed local recipe. Coconut Emulsion is poured over table-side tempering the spice, and a green herb oil adds complexity.

Monti 1 Altitude Melaka
Pasta Melaka


Our mains offer both flavours of the sea and the earth’s comforting warmth. First, Pan-seared Snapper’ Acqua Pazza’ (RM 78) bursts with citrusy sunshine. The fillet bathes in a zesty ‘Acqua Pazza’ broth with orange segments mingling with plump cherry tomatoes, while salty capers add a briny bite to the white wine sauce. Fresh basil, onion, fennel and red chilli freshen the palate. We’d order this again in a heartbeat.

Monti 1 Altitude Melaka
Pan-seared Snapper’ Acqua Pazza’ – Monti 1 Altitude Melaka

Braised Lamb Shank (500gm RM 115) is cradled in a rich Barolo wine jus, mirroring home comforts. Spoon-tender lamb surrenders at the touch of our forks, each mouthful a silky testament to slow-cooking mastery. Rosemary-infused whipped potatoes add creamy richness, while earthy porcini mushrooms mingle with vegetable ragout. A hint of dark chocolate enlivens the jus, adding an unexpected depth that makes us repeatedly dig in for more.

Monti 1 Altitude Melaka
Braised Lamb Shank


Monti’s desserts are not just afterthoughts; they’re sweet sensations. The Bomba and “Lava” Tiramisu offer tableside presentations guaranteed to wow diners and elevate expectations. 

The Bomba (RM 32) begins with a dark chocolate sphere sitting regally in a bowl. As hot berry compote is poured over the crown, the apex melts away, revealing a pool of rich hazelnut praline mousse nestled on a crunchy feuilletine base. It’s a feast for the eyes and the senses.

Monti 1 Altitude Melaka

Tiramisu is the most prevalent dessert on many Italian restaurant menus in Malaysia, but Monti’s takes this beloved classic to a whole new level. Their “Lava” Tiramisu (RM 33) features all the traditional ingredients – espresso-soaked ladyfingers, creamy mascarpone cheese, and a dusting of cocoa powder. But the presentation adds a unique twist. The pudding is assembled in a steel ring, resembling an egg mould. When the ring is gently removed, the mascarpone lava oozes down the sides, creating an irresistible, dippable coating. It’s a playful twist on a familiar favourite, and it’s sure to be a hit with tiramisu enthusiasts.

Monti 1 Altitude Melaka
Monti 1 Altitude Melaka – “Lava” Tiramisu

Reasons to visit Monti at 1-Altitude Melaka: gorgeous sea and rooftop views; exceptional service; quality Italian cuisine; hand-made pasta; don’t miss the Beef Tartare, Acquerello Risotto, Pasta Melaka for local oomph, Pan-seared Snapper’ Acqua Pazza’ and the “Lava” Tiramisu.

Monti Italian Restaurant Malacca
1-Altitude Melaka, Level 44/45 Jalan Melaka Raya 23
Hatten City, 75000 Melaka , Malaysia
+6 019 473 5230
[email protected]
[email protected]
*No pork. No lard.

Monti Italian Restaurant Malacca Opening Hours
Monday – Sunday
Lunch: 12PM -2:30PM
Dinner: 6PM – 10PM

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