Wellness Retreat Langkawi

Wellness Retreat Langkawi, Malaysia

Wellness Retreat Langkawi – Ambong Pool Villas Monica Tindall Wellness retreats are famed in Bali and other parts of Southeast Asia, yet they are still a rarity in Malaysia. It seems a shame as the country certainly has no shortage of beautiful locations, w…

Amaala by Ambong-Ambong

Amaala by Ambong-Ambong, Spa Langkawi

Amaala Spa by Ambong-Ambong Monica Tindall It’s only been in recent years that luxury spas in Malaysia have begun to incorporate local wellness knowledge into their menu and programs more widely. Led by the granddaughter of a famous Sabahan shaman, Suzie Ahmad, …

Ultra 360 V-Define Treatment - Beauté Library

Ultra 360 V-Define Treatment

Ultra 360 V-Define Treatment Monica Tindall With constantly advancing technology, aesthetic treatments are becoming less invasive, less painful and more impactful. Such is the case with Beauté Library’s Ultra 360 V-Define Treatment. Ultra 360 V-Define Tre…

St Gregory Spa KL


St. Gregory Monica Tindall Tucked away on the sixth floor of the PARKROYAL COLLECTION Kuala Lumpur, St Gregory spa is a cliché “oasis in the city.” The fabric of the sustainable ideals of the property, spaces, and even the exterior walls, are covered in plants. The …

Walking on Sunshine Mont Kiara

Walking on Sunshine Salon, Mont Kiara

Walking on Sunshine Salon Mont Kiara Monica Tindall While the beautiful garden-themed, daylight-filled spacious digs of Walking on Sunshine Salon in 163 Retail Park might be an initial attraction, the quality of service and results keep people returning to th…

Thermal Springs Spa Italy Wellness Tourism

Thermal Springs Spas in Italy, Federterme

Thermal Springs Spas in Italy Monica Tindall Italians are known for many things among which are their passion and above-average looks. However, what is the secret to their beauty and vitality? Is it the wine, great food, culture or is it something else? On this tri…

White Republic

White Republic, Cordless Teeth Whitening

White Republic Rebecca Cannon Do you know the worst thing about getting your teeth whitened with White Republic’s Smart Teeth Whitening System?The cost? No.The hassle? No.It didn’t work? No.Time commitment? No. It’s the fact I have to take before …

Dr Bob Clinic

Dr Bob Clinic, Restylane Filler Malaysia

Dr Bob Clinic, Restylane Filler Malaysia Monica Tindall One of the things I like most about Dr Bob Klajo is that he tells you what he thinks. Sure, he listens to personal concerns and goals, but as a trained aesthetic doctor, he has an eye for symmetry, balance and the […]

quiet filter

Cosmo Pro® Air Purifier + 5-in-1 HEPA Filter

Cosmo Pro® Air Purifier + 5-in-1 HEPA Filter Monica Tindall Living in Southeast Asia for over two decades has certainly given me time to consider the quality of the air we breathe. From months of unhealthy haze to pollution from traffic in the inner city to dust from …

La Boheme

La Boheme Spa, Plaza Damansara

La Boheme Spa, Plaza Damansara Monica Tindall My first encounter with Christina, proprietor of La Boheme Spa in Plaza Damansara, has me at ease and feeling confident about the session ahead of me. With a near-decade of experience in the beauty industry in Malaysi…