Brunch in Ampang

Brunch in Ampang, New Dishes at Fox Paradox

Brunch in Ampang – Fox Paradox Words: Monica Tindall Photos: Rich Callahan Opening February 2021 in The Grange KL, Fox Paradox launched with a compact but exciting line-up. With restrictions soon following, they closed for dine-in and used the time to dev…

Coffeeboy Club @ The Gasket Alley

Coffeeboy Club @ The Gasket Alley, PJ

Coffeeboy Club Monica Tindall One of the things I miss most about regular life in KL is café hopping. Besides my love for coffee and brunch, KL café owners offer a lot in terms of design and new places to explore. Sadly, the city’s vibrant café culture has been put […]

Happy Stan Menu

Happy Stan Delivery Menu, Bukit Damansara

Happy Stan Delivery Menu Monica Tindall Some might imagine “coffee and cocktails” when they think of Happy Stan in Republik, Bukit Damansara. This would be with good reason as it’s a collaboration between the team behind the popular cafe VCR and expert bartender …

Planter Chin

Planter Chin, Plant Cafe in Bangsar

Planter Chin Words: Alma Aliaj Photos: Rich Callahan In an alley ripe with bustling, lush cafes and coffee shops, Planter Chin is a relatively new and unique addition. Tucked behind an unassuming door next to Lisette’s Cafe and Bakery, Planter Chin is, quite lite…

The Butter Pantry

The Butter Pantry, Café One Ampang Avenue

The Butter Pantry Words: Monica TindallPhotos: Rich Callahan The Butter Pantry in Ampang was born over the MCO. Opening its doors at the end of February 2021, the sister team behind it, Emmy and Evelyn, were previously running an online bakery, The Last Bite. Choo…

Plant and Pot Studio

Sipping Corner Café, Ampang Waterfront

Sipping Corner Café Words: Monica Tindall Photos: Rich Callahan Plants filter the air, produce oxygen, cool a space and offer aesthetic beauty. I can’t imagine a much more relaxing yet invigorating setting than one filled with nature’s verdant foliage. Well, m…

Kenny Hills Bakers The Greens TTDI

Kenny Hills Bakers The Greens, TTDI

Kenny Hills Bakers The Greens, TTDI Words: Monica Tindall Photos: Rich Callahan The team behind Kenny Hills Bakers continue to bring joy to the suburbs with their fifth (!) opening. With already established outlets in Bukit Tunku, Ampang, Desa Park City and Bang…

Fox Paradox The Grange KL

Fox Paradox Café in The Grange KL

Fox Paradox – Café at The Grange KL Words: Monica Tindall Photos: Rich Callahan Our friends living in Ampang and KL city centre will be delighted with our latest food and beverage neighbour, Fox Paradox. Located in the newly renovated The Grange KL (formerl…