VCR Stacks TRX, The Exchange Mall TRX PB and Jelly

VCR Stacks TRX, The Exchange Mall TRX

VCR Stacks TRX, The Exchange Mall TRX, Sandwich & Coffee Bar

Words: Stephen Reid
Photos: Han Sen Hau

Monica’s first visit to VCR was way back in 2016. Inspired by a former VCR rental store, the store’s original location was between Chinatown and Bukit Bintang near the old Pudu jail. Since then, it has expanded, opening new branches in Mont Kiara, Bangsar, and Ritchie.

In 2020, VCR launched VCR Stacks in Mont Kiara, focusing on its strengths: sourdough bread and coffee. This cafe specialised in sandwiches and freshly brewed coffee and increased its in-house production of items like granola, sourdough, and even kombucha. With its commitment to quality and continued expansion, VCR has become a trusted name and a favourite among KL cafe enthusiasts. This new concept was so successful that five months ago, it opened the second VCR Stacks within The Exchange Mall TRX, the glitzy shopping mall that’s a luxury retail haven also rapidly emerging as a food lover’s paradise. 

cafe facade on the Dining Terrace
VCR Stacks TRX Entrance from the Dining Terrace

VCR Stacks TRX 

Ascend the gleaming escalators from the main entrance, weaving through the chic stores, or take Lift A for a swift ride to the Dining Terrace. You’ll find VCR Stacks TRX (directly opposite Cafe Colombo) marked by a sleek black steel awning adorned with stylish black and white striped sunshades. Here, you can choose your ideal seating area: bask in the open-air yet covered terrace, cooled by fans, or retreat into the comfort of the fully air-conditioned restaurant.

VCR Stacks TRX Menu & Prices

VCR Stacks TRX is all about “stacks of carbs,” featuring their house-made sourdough bread piled high with various delicious sweet and savoury fillings. Eight years of dedication have gone into perfecting their sourdough, resulting in various delicious loaves, including seeded Japanese rye, ciabatta, and brioche. They even use their sourdough starter in their savoury and sweet waffles.

The menu items are displayed above the counter on sunshine-yellow tiles in the brightly lit restaurant. These tiles reminded me of the flight progress strips air traffic controllers use to manage takeoffs and landings. Instead of showing aircraft, these boards showcase sandwiches, side dishes, and drinks that would soon be coming to land at our table!

Besides waffles and their famous soft-shell crab burger, VCR Stacks TRX’s primary offering is sandwiches, and they are extremely good sandwiches. I was reminded a little of the delicious toasted sandwiches I enjoyed at American Diners when I lived in Chicago many years ago, overfilled and usually impossible to eat without getting at least some of the contents on my chin or shirt! I recommend grabbing a few extra napkins when you eat here, as the fillings here are incredibly generous. 

VCR Stacks TRX, The Exchange Mall TRX Menu & Prices
VCR Stacks TRX, The Exchange Mall TRX Menu & Prices
VCR Stacks TRX, The Exchange Mall TRX Menu & Prices
VCR Stacks TRX, The Exchange Mall TRX Menu & Prices
VCR Stacks TRX, The Exchange Mall TRX Menu & Prices
Specials Menu

We started with the “Egg-cellent” Sandwich (RM 19). Scrambled eggs, chives, onion jam, cheddar, and chipotle mayo were piled high on a soft potato flour brioche bun. The creamy egg filling was so generous that it dribbled over the edges, making it a challenge to eat gracefully. It’s a sandwich you might want to enjoy with close friends rather than with a first date!

"Egg-cellent" Sandwich
“Egg-cellent” Sandwich

The Zen Stacks (RM 22) was a vegetarian delight. It featured pan-fried halloumi, feta, tomato, confit portobello, pesto hummus, and arugula piled high on toasted rye sourdough bread. The homemade pesto hummus adds a rich layer of flavour, highlighting the restaurant’s commitment to making everything from scratch. Like all their sandwiches, it’s lightly buttered with French Maison Le Gall butter and toasted for a perfect balance of crunch and golden colour.

vegetarian sandwiches on sourdough bread VCR Stacks TRX, The Exchange Mall TRX
Zen Stacks

Next up was the Tuna Melt (RM 26), reminding me of my favourite Chicago diner classic. Chunks of premium tuna, creamy tartar sauce, fresh tomato, crisp romaine lettuce, and sharp cheddar were sandwiched between perfectly toasted seeded sourdough. While it surpassed the quality of the diner versions in every way, I couldn’t help but miss those big, dill-pickled cucumbers the diners always served alongside.

Tuna Melt sandwiches on sourdough bread VCR Stacks TRX, The Exchange Mall TRX
Tuna Melt

Living up to its name, the XXL Chicken (RM 30) from the specials menu was a true giant. An entire chicken breast was flattened and coated in crispy breadcrumbs and fried to golden perfection. This massive piece of chicken was the star, overflowing from its potato brioche bun. House-made black raisin coleslaw and spicy chipotle mayo added contrasting flavours. Unlike inferior offerings at fast food chains, this was real, high-quality chicken breast – juicy, hot, and incredibly crispy.

XXL chicken sandwich
XXL Chicken

Dessert Menu & Prices

For dessert lovers, VCR Stacks TRX doesn’t disappoint. The Nut Butter Jelly (RM 18) Is a much-upgraded take on the American classic PB&J sandwich. Their seeded sourdough is generously spread with house-made almond, cashew, and coffee butter. Locally sourced chocolate, house-made blueberry jam, candied walnuts, and an entire sliced banana complete this delicious and satisfyingly chewy sandwich. It’s perhaps a little too sweet for my palate, but those who like their desserts on the sweeter side will love this sandwich. 

VCR Stacks TRX, The Exchange Mall TRX PB and Jelly
VCR Stacks TRX – Nut Butter Jelly

The Waffle with Ice Cream (RM 23) from the specials menu was a sight to behold. Its size was a little intimidating; as I’ve already mentioned,  I don’t have a huge sweet tooth,  but luckily, our photographer, Han Sen, joined forces with us to tackle this massive and delicious dessert. Picture a house-made sourdough waffle dipped in chocolate, overflowing with scoops of espresso ice cream made with their own roast coffee. This is definitely a dessert best shared!

waffles with ice cream and strawberry sauce
Waffle with Ice Cream (

VCR Stacks TRX also offers a rotating selection of pastries, cakes, and desserts displayed alongside their delicious sourdough bread at the counter. Be sure to check out what’s available during your visit. We tried the Hazelnut Raspberry Frangipane Tart (RM 16) with Swiss meringue buttercream, dusted with delicate rose petals. This decadent dessert hinted at Middle Eastern influence and perfectly complemented a cup of coffee, another area where VCR Stacks TRX excels.

Hazelnut Raspberry Frangipane Tart
Hazelnut Raspberry Frangipane Tart

Coffee Menu

VCR Stacks TRX offers a delicious coffee selection, with their house blend being a highlight. Crafted with 70% Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Natural and 30% Brazilian Primavera beans, this roast boasts a smooth, delicate flavour with a hint of tanginess. It perfectly complements their food without overpowering it. The house blend shines for milky coffees like cappuccinos, while their single-origin beans are best enjoyed in a cold brew. We tried both their Cold Brew Black (RM 18) and Cold Brew White (RM 18), along with a beautifully crafted Latte (RM 16) featuring a charming seahorse latte art. (Soy or Oat milk are also available if you prefer, for an additional RM 3)

We also tried the Espresso Tonic (RM 18), a chilled non-alcoholic espresso and tonic water. It’s perfect on a warm day when you need a caffeine hit.

seahorse latte art
Seahorse Latte Art
cold brew coffee in bottles with and without milk VCR Stacks TRX, The Exchange Mall TRX
Cold Brew Coffee
VCR coffee blend VCR Stacks TRX, The Exchange Mall TRX Espresso Tonic
Espresso Tonic

Drinks Menu

Monica and I are kombucha enthusiasts, especially when it’s locally made, raw, unpasteurised, and organic, like VCR Stacks TRX’s offering. Unlike commercially available kombucha that’s heat-treated for extended shelf life, this version retains its gut-healthy benefits. My favourite was the Coffee Kombucha (RM 18), a refreshing twist on the more common tea-based kombucha. The Friske Kombucha (RM 18) is a good choice for a lighter taste. Its cloudy lemonade appearance reminded Monica of a Hendricks gin and tonic, possibly due to the subtle cucumber and mint notes.

coffee kombucha VCR Stacks TRX, The Exchange Mall TRX
Friske Kombucha & Coffee Kombucha

If you prefer cold drinks without coffee, I can recommend ‘More than H2O’ (RM 15) from the Finest Juice Co., made from watermelon, lemon, and mint. I found it refreshing and appreciated that there was no added sugar; the sweetness was derived entirely from the fruit.  

fruit juice in bottle
More than H2O

VCR Stacks TRX Review

VCR Stacks TRX shines in several ways: everything from their incredible sourdough bread to their delicious coffee is made in-house. Their friendly and knowledgeable team is passionate about their craft and shares that enthusiasm with customers, and their hearty sandwiches are not just delicious; they’re substantial and satisfying.

Reasons to visit VCR StacksTRX: I recommend ordering the XXL Chicken while it still features on the Specials Menu; it really is terrific, a hearty-sized chicken succulent schnitzel in a bun that will satisfy the largest of appetites. All their sandwiches are made from bread they bake themselves, which makes a huge difference to the quality of their offering. A delicious range of coffee drinks made from their house-roasted blends; I loved their coffee kombucha. 

VCR Stacks TRX
The Dining Terrace
Lot L2.52.0, The Exchange Mall TRX,
Persiaran TRX, Tun Razak Exchange
55188 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Google Map
+603 3051 3083
*vegetarian options

VCR Stacks TRX Opening Hours
Daily: 10 am – 10 pm

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