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Where to Eat in Granada, Andalusia, Spain

We were in Granada for less than 24 hours and spent a good deal of that time wandering around the beautiful La Alhambra. With some leads from Andalusian friends and hubby who was hot on the heels of local residents chasing them down to confess their treasured eating hideouts, we managed to get a good tummy full of delicious bites. The cool thing about Granada is that tapas come as a complimentary accompaniment to your drink order – so long as you keep ordering drinks, the small plates keep coming. Here are a few places we think you should eat in this culinary capital – the ultimate place for a tapas experience.


Where to Eat in Granada


As mentioned, a significant chunk of any tourist’s time in this city should be spent at La Alhambra. There are a number of touristy stalls there, but only one place that really merits the splendour of the area, and that is the Terrace of the Parador Museo Hotel. The garden seating furnishes picture perfect panoramas of the stunning location. A glass of wine, some tapas, a seat in the shade and a majestic view – you can’t ask for much more.
Terrace of the Parador Museo Hotel
Terrace of the Parador Museo Hotel
When you’ve made you way out of La Alhambra and are ready for the city’s second (debatable – some might say it first) top attraction there are a host of tapas bars to choose from. You really can’t go wrong: go to the bar, order a drink, munch on the gifted small plate, move to the next bar, repeat. It’s what hubby likes to call tapeando (the verb form of tapas).
Tapeando in Granada
Hubby’s pestering of locals rustled up two splendid finds. Los Diamantes is a popular spot amongst visitors for its supremely fresh seafood. It has become so well liked that there are now four outlets in the city. The locals agree that the food here is excellent, but if you want to join them in a meal best to head to Los Diamantes II in Calle Rosario. A short stroll out of the city centre awards ramblers with some of the freshest fried seafood you can imagine, and complete immersion with a Granadian crowd.
Los Diamantes II
Fried Plate of Mixed Seafood – the number one order at Los Diamantes II
In most tapas bars it’s the luck of the draw in what food accompanies your drink. Güejareño Centro however supplies clients with a list to choose from and portions are more generous than many. That’s why locals led us to Plaza del Campillo Bajo, where this bar has set up some outdoor tables (which are difficult to nab after 8pm), to encounter what they consider one of the best tapas bars in Granada.
Güejareño Centro
Güejareño Centro – Cruzcampo Beer and hubby’s choice of a chicken and ham burger with fries
Güejareño Centro – Spanish white wine and my choice of vegetable omelette
By the time you reach Granada you’ve probably already sampled many of the local foods significant to the Andalusian region. Two musts to get your taste buds around in Granada though are: Porra Antequerana, a chilled summer soup similar to gazpacho but thickened with bread crumbs; and Piononos, a sweet soft pastry roll crested with toasted cream – decadent! Both are popular dishes, with the first being found in a good number of tapas bars, and the second sold from most bakeries which seem to dot every block.
what to eat in Granada
Porra Antequerana

And again, I leave you with some photos of beautiful Granada.
May your travels be delicious and fulfilling.

La Alhambra, Granada
On the Road to Granada
On the Road to Granada
View from La Alhambra, Granada
Gardens in La Alhambra, Granada
La Alhambra, Granada
Gardens, La Alhambra, Granada
Summer Flowers, La Alhambra, Granada
Museum, La Alhambra, Granada
Summer in Granada
More Gardens in La Alhambra, Granada
Summer in Granada


  1. Your photos are beautiful…pretty there.

  2. Don't mind the seafood platter. Ooooo…so beautiful – the Gardens!

    • I'm not really a deep-fried kind of gal, but this seafood platter was so delicious I would order it again without thinking twice.

  3. GRANADA! !!!!! Oh that wonderful song.
    Brings out the whole of Spain full force, eh?

    Those quaint bars sure bring back memories of the best kind.
    The way to meet the locals as all tourists / visitors should.
    Thus my aversion to tour groups – some groups might as well
    have saved the money and stayed home.
    The white buildings (homes) only just distinguish the region from
    around your stamping place – Adelaide and that area.
    Plus of course we shouldn't forget the sad history of last century that
    Granada was subjected to.
    Now I'll be humming that song all day – Granada!
    Great blog as always.
    El Cordobes,Colin, on his Andalusian steed.

    • Oh bum… now that song is going to be stuck in my head! 😉
      We're very fortunate to both speak Spanish which made taking advantage of the location easy. One of the best parts of our travels was conversing with the very friendly locals.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely tour! Beautiful photos!

  5. good recommendation, bookmarked!
    Desy@Dentist Chef

  6. very nice! i've not been to granada, but i'd like to 🙂

  7. I would love to visit Granada again 🙂

  8. Bookmarked this charming place, Monica! xoxo

  9. Such wonderful flower photos, Monica….and it is truly a fascinating place to visit!

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