EXKi, Natural Fresh Ready Cafe, Brussels, Belgium

Okay, this cafe nearly did not make it on to The Yum List because of the rude waiter who told me, “Taking photos is absolutely forbidden!” in his best growly voice. However, I love their food and their concept of natural, fresh and ready food. At least by what is written in their brochure and the food offered for sale, they seem to be making ethical choices for people and the world around us. We did enjoy a delicious light lunch there and went back for coffee and snacks a couple of times. There are lots of organic foods and their ingredients seem to be sourced from and support Fair Trade and charitable causes. My fellow food conspirator loved the vegetable quiche and I enjoyed their salads and coffee.

Rue Neuve 78
1000 Brussels
Tel: 32 2 219 19 91
Fax: 32 2 219 19 92
[email protected]


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