La Grande Epicerie, France, Paris

This gourmet food store has just about every gourmet food product you could desire. Don’t even think of entering this place on an empty stomach, or risk leaving with 100s of Euros worth of edible goodies. The photos above show just a small selection of what is available… unfortunately I was stopped by a rude security guard before getting a chance to snap some shots of the mouthwatering desserts. Prices here are above the average but it is definitely worth a visit and at least a little splurge.

La Grande Epicerie
Le Bon Marche
38 Rue de Sevres
7e, Paris, 75007

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  1. I absolutely love food stores like this! Here in the Montreal area there is a store that caters to specialties from England and Scotland! And they ship, too! 🙂 Just looking at all the neat displays here is getting me hungry.

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