Suzie’s Corner, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Suzie’s Corner is known for its tender, melt-in-your-mouth steaks, especially the New Zealand cuts of tenderloin. Your steak comes out sizzling on a bbq plate with a side of fries and veggies. (Still learning to use this camera so didn’t get a good steak shot:-( ) The salmon is also great, (got that shot:-)) and a bit of a healthier option – you can ask for no oil or butter when frying and all veg instead of fries too. Suzie’s is a favourite stall for expats on the Ampang side of town. It is reasonably clean and dry compared to many others. Food is a bargain for an expat but is quite expensive compared to stalls frequented more by locals – EG 7RM for a fresh juice at Suzie’s compared to 4RM at other stalls. You can get the usual array of stall food here from tandoori chicken, roti canai and any variety of noodle or rice combinations. Cashmere naan is a personal favourite.

Suzie’s Corner
Corner of Jalan Ampang & Ulu Klang
Across from Ampang point & near Ampang City

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  1. Do you ever eat at home?!

  2. Yes! Also love cooking when I have the time. Eating out is often inspiration for eating in. Add your cooking blog as a link. Maybe you'll inspire me more!

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