Harrods, KLCC, Malaysia

A quiet, refined dining area at the back of the retail section of Harrod’s is the best place in KL to enjoy traditional English roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. For 50RM you get three generous slices of tender beef, plenty of gravy and veggies and a perfectly baked Yorkshire pud. Unless you have money to throw around give the overpriced starters a miss. Although the soup and salad we ordered were well presented and delicious, the portions were tiny for the price we paid. Service is smiley and the decor is what you’d expect from Harrod’s – lots of white cloth, shiny cutlery and a few unobtrusive pieces of furniture and photos to complete the scene. Oh, another nice thing to know is that if you visit after 8:30 pm you can get 50% off their bread and sandwiches. Their house blend of coffee is flavourful too which you can enjoy freshly ground and brewed at the coffee bar or as a treat to take home.

Level 1, Park Mall
Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur
603 – 2166 6000

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