The Red Pepper Restaurant, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

The Red Pepper Restaurant in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong is famous for its Sichuan cuisine and always packed with expats. This might not sound like a great sign for those seeking authentic local food but it is great for expat tummies and taste buds. We ate the recommendations listed on the front of the menu and tried a few other dishes too. The sizzling prawns are a must – they’re brought to you already marinated and placed onto a hot plate on your table to “sizzle” before your eyes (be sure to cover your nose and mouth with your napkin if you’d rather not choke on the pepper smoke). The string beans in minced pork, beef with kumquat and orange, pork with cashews and stir fried mixed veges were all delicious choices. If dining on the weekend you’d be wise to make a booking. Prices for a main meal were around $150 HK for a small portion which is really quite enough when you’re sharing a few dishes.

The Red Pepper Restaurant
7 Lan Fong Road,
Causeway Bay,
Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2577 3811
Fax: +852 2881 5355

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