Market Hall, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Modern Australian cuisine. Love the design – especially the paint can lights, wooden tables and funky red stools. Excellent service. Don’t miss their version of gnocchi – spinach and ricotta dumplings with a sweet smooth pumpkin sauce. Mmmm ๐Ÿ™‚

Market Hall
Lot 6.01.03, Level 6
Pavilion, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
03 2141 9620


  1. this looks great and must be so yummy!

  2. My 1st visit was about 1 month ago. The restaurant prides itself on its freshness and hence all pasta are freshly made and risottos are freshly cooked.. So, my partner and i ordered pasta.

    Sadly, it did not meet our expectations. Firstly, the waitress did not get my order right. I ordered pappardele with mussels and it came with clams. We asked the waitress on our order and she said it is the right order but they ran out of mussels so gave us clams instead and told us that mussels and clams are the same(??!!). My husband ordered pasta with crabmeat but it turned out to be alot of processed crabsticks (shredded prcessed japanese crabsticks). Very disappointing. We provided our feedback to the restaurant.

    Notwithstanding the boo-boo, i gave them credit for their freshly made pasta were actually good, well-cooked and flavour wise were well done also. Unfortunately, they don't hire good staffs who at least have the knowledge to differentiate between clams and mussels. And to equate processed crabsticks to freshness.. shameful..

    Anyway, went for lunch yesterday (31 Mar) to give them a "2nd chance". Ordered the Gnocchi and some of friends ordered the risotto of the day (Scallop risotto with peas) and winter risotto (recommended).

    Sigh, another disappointing experience. The place was packed and other than the waiter that took our order, the service was very poor. Serving plates were not given after dishes were served. The drinks took forever.

    Back to the food, the Gnocchi was still cold when it was served – it was undercooked. When they took it back 2nd time round, it was way overcooked, the filling became chewy and hard. The pumpkin sauce was edible but certainly not smooth! My friends' risotto were also not great. In fact, the risotto of the day were so plain and blend.

    This will definitely be my last visit.

  3. What a bum! It seemed like such a hopeful place. Looks like inconsistent service and food… Why oh why Malaysia does it have to be this way??? Thanks for your comments tt!

  4. Market Hall is new, and attached to the Bedroom lounge. It is all healthy type options and detox type drinks. The Feta Fritters and Calamari are to die for!!! Also I have loved all their detox juices that I have tried so far. My friend and I took computers one afternoon and just hung out there for ages, wifi and all…

  5. Anonymous

    I was there for the grand opening and they had a great Italian chef, food was excellent,service, ambiance,the place to be with goo friends and family.
    Returned a few weeks later, around march to try out the menu as a paying customer.I must say we had the same excellent food,great service and Italian chef checking out if all was okay.
    Is he still there?

  6. I agree with TT, the food there is very inconsistent.. the waitress got our pizza order wrong as well. Despite the nice interior, the food did not meet my expectations as well…

  7. I visited the place for a second time yesterday with my sister. Have to say that I had a really great dining experience.

    Went there for dinner and found out that theyโ€™re currently having this really worthwhile set menu at the moment that includes an appetizer, main course and dessert! The choices they give for the set menu were nice, with items that were apparently popular selections. Everything we ordered from the set was really tasty – not to mention portion-wise, it was quite generous and they didn't skimp! Thoroughly pleased!

    I would highly recommend their Caesar salad and crema catalane (sp?). Really loved the Caesar salad, and my sister gobbled down her crema catalane in no time. I had the winter risotto as my main course and it was pretty good too!

    Service was up to par as well, the waiters/waitresses were quick to attend us, and the food came pretty quickly, from the appetizers to the desserts โ€“ all nice and fresh. Definitely looking forward to my next visit.

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