Indigenous, Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam

I’m not a wild fan of Vietnamese coffee. It’s sold on every street corner, advertised in every guide as the thing to do in Vietnam and tourists buy it by the bucket load but I’ve never caught on to the mania. Believe me I’ve tried… every version, every blend… but my taste buds have not been convinced until… we stumbled across Indigenous in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. This handicrafts shop/ cafe has a small storefront with a flashing “coffee to go” sign out the front, a tiny table on the street and a couple of bar stools inside to sit on. The espresso machine is run by a great barista who really knows how to turn out a fantastic cup of coffee. Finally a decent cup of Vietnamese brew – smooth, sweet, creamy! If you too are not convinced by the hype surrounding the local beans, be sure to give Indigenous a try. I recommend taking home some of the dark roast. You can also get a Medium roast, but make sure to check the packet and buy 100% Arabica beans as different percentages of Robusta mixed with Arabica are also sold.

36 Au Trieu
Hoan Kiem
Old Quarter (near the the cathedral)
Tel: (84-4) 3938 1263
Mobile: 09 777 999 11
[email protected]


  1. It's very interesting. I'll try this coffee, if i come to Vietnam.

  2. Great recommendation! I just bought 4 bags of coffee it was that good. And cute location by St Josephs.. thanks 🙂

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