The Bakery, Ukay Heights, Ampang, Malaysia

Best croissants in KL and delicious wholegrain breads.

the Bakery
Ukay Heights
Jalan Chong Koon Lin
(after ISKL make a left turn after the SPCA)
68000 Ampang, Malaysia
03 4260 1606

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  1. I've been wondering where to get good bread -not that light fluffy sugary stuff that is so common in KL. Now I know …

  2. Croissants I agree. Great ones at this bakery.

  3. Desserts are good too. They're an easy treat to pick up for a dinner party.

  4. I like this bakery as they don't only have one option of brown bread, but many types.

  5. I always buy bread at the Bakery. The wholegrain and oat bread is delicious for sandwiches.

  6. Have you had breakfast there?

  7. Sunday breakfast is usually packed with expats from Ukay Heights. The last time I ate breakfast there I think you could get eggs coffee and juice all for around 20rm. The coffee was average but the food was decent.

  8. I've been this weekend to this Bakery and i agree with you all. It's the best place in KL to have the french style breakfast. They make recent effort to look better but also to have a better quality of service and food. I took the continental breakfast (15RM) : 1 coffee or tea, 1 fresh orange juice, 2 croissants with jam and butter. I took away " salmon quiche" and also "meringue" and it was delicious !

  9. you should visit Bread Basket in Bangsar South, been there couple of times and they great and always fresh breads, pastries…i think their website is

  10. This was the bakery I always visit 6 years ago and their chocolate chip cookies were THE BEST of the best! They are always in jars with 3 different flavours. The choco choc chip was my favourite. But I dont know about now. Do they still have them?

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