Bodega, Sydney, Australia

Bodega Tapas Restaurant and Bar, with its high tables and stools, bright muralled walls and wine bottle-lined shelves is the perfect backdrop for enjoying amigos, comida and vino.  The bite-sized tapas are ideal for sharing and slowing filling up on while you sip South American or Spanish wine – ambrosial complements for this style of food. Hits at our table were the deep-fried artichokes, chorizo, scallops and pork buns. We were enticed by seemingly ordinary dishes such as the fish fingers and banana split which were nothing as imagined. The fish fingers comprised of sashimi kingfish served on garlic toast with cuttlefish ceviche and mojama.  The banana split was a delectable fresh banana marshmallow beside cream flan topped with a ginger biscuit sprinkled with roasted peanuts and served with dulce de leche ice cream. This dish could be improved by dishing the peanuts and replacing them with cashews or brazil nuts – but it still made a tantalizing finish to an exciting sequence of well-architectured bites.  The only thing that didn’t quite fit the ambience was the choice of background music.  While I love the dark intense sound of Nick Cave, a lively Latin mix would have been better suited.
Bodega Tapas Restaurant & Bar
216 Commonwealth St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone: +61 2 9212 7766


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  1. Nice… tapas. Is that a beetroot dish towards the top of your shots?

  2. Love South American wine as it brings back many good memories.

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