Cafe Beachstone, Coffs Harbour, Australia

Busy, busy, busy! Cafe Beachstone is popular on the weekends. The huge open grassy spaces and playground make it an ideal location for families with young children. Mum and dad can enjoy a yummy all-day breakfast while the kids can go wild on the grass and play equipment. You don’t have to have youngens to appreciate this cafe though. The food is fabulous, service is smiley and the open design allows you to take as little or as much sun as you please.  An effort is made to source local ingredients and the menu changes seasonally so you’re always assured of a flavoursome meal.  Cafe Beachstone serves great breakfasts, coffee and treats AND the spectacular Northern NSW coastline is just a few metres away.
Cafe Beachstone
North Sapphire Road (off Split Solitary Road)
North Sapphire
NSW 2450

+61 (0)2 6653 6188
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