Club Coffs on West High, Coffs Harbour, Australia

Eating at a local surf or bowling club in Australia usually assures you of a reasonably priced meal and  drinks.  Such is the case at Club Coffs on West High, Coffs Harbour. A fine example of exceptional value is the large dessert portions for only $4.00. Similar size servings and quality in a cafe or restaurant might cost you anywhere from $6.00 – $20.00.  If you’re willing to forego a fancy setting and focus on the meal, this is a great place for moist carrot cake, and the lemon merengue cheesecake tastes just as sweet as it sounds.  You might even be tempted into a game of bowls to work off those extra calories.
The Terrace Cafe
Club Coffs on West High
61a West High St.
Coffs Harbour
NSW, 2450
(02) 6652 1477
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