The Coffee Club, Nepean River, Sydney, Australia

The Coffee Club, on Nepean River in Penrith, is a lovely place for breakfast.  Sit outside to enjoy the greenery and go for a stroll along the river after your meal.  The all-day breakfast ranges from the classic bacon, eggs, tomato and toast, to eggs benedict with shaved lean ham or sauteed baby spinach and mushrooms or smoked salmon, to pancakes, French toast, through to fruit and nut muesli with Greek yoghurt and honey. Look out for the specials menu too.  Pictured above are the scrumptious poached eggs and grilled halloumi with tomato chutney served on top of two poached eggs with spinach, mushrooms and Turkish toast.  Contribute a little to the earth by drinking their sustainable brew which is certified by UTZ encouraging socially and environmentally responsible coffee production and sourcing, all the way from the farm to the factory.

The Coffee Club
Nepean River, Penrith NSW 2750

(02) 4721 4677

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  1. They go above the expectations of UTZ certification. They apparently ensure that 90% of the beans are from sustainable and socially responsible farms not the mere 30% that UTZ requires.

  2. The turkish bread, spinach and haloumi concoction is right up my alley.

  3. The Coffee Club is found all around. I've had good breakfasts at many of them. Their desserts seem to differ in what is offered and the size of their portions. I've been disappointed by the cost of cakes especially given the small amount you get.

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