Food of the Earth, Bellingen Markets, Australia

This wrap, from Food of the Earth at the Bellingen markets, could possibly be the most delectable meal I gobbled on this trip to Australia.  Seriously, I ate some exceptional food and was guided by some well respected Aussie foodies, but this chartreuse nugget of a falafel spinach wrap, piled with FRESH salad veggies and adorned with beetroot, hummus, chilli and coriander sauces was the ultimate meal.  I’ve consumed a few falafels in my time but this was sincerely the freshest, lightest, tastiest version I’ve ever encountered. The steady stream of eager patrons, at the most popular stall at the markets, were greeted with super fast and friendly service so no-one had to wait too long, which meant lining up for seconds, thirds or more to take home was not a problem. Good for the earth, good for your body, glorious for your taste buds.

 Food of the Earth

Bellingen Community Markets every third Saturday of the month
Bellingen Park, Church Street
Bellingen, NSW
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  1. Oh I know the chicken scnitzel one is to die for they do such a good job!
    We have tried to remake the delicious flavour but nothing is quite the same!
    My sister and I could easily have these all the time, such a delicious flavour and all organic!
    Absolutely amazing!

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