Morpeth Sourdough, Newcastle, Australia

Morpeth sourdough is THE bread to buy around the Hunter. The bakery is at Morpeth but you can find a range of their breads in speciality stores around Newcastle.  This particular loaf came from Beaumont St. in Hamilton.  The bread is hand made using only flour, water and sea salt.  No yeast is added but rather the technique of utilizing naturally occurring lactobacilli and wild yeast is used to make the dough ferment and rise.  Because of this method the bread has an extended shelf life and doesn’t use any artificial preservatives.  Stephen Arnott is the great great great grandson of William Arnott, the founder of Arnott’s Biscuits and the historic bakehouse (now restored) was once the home and workplace of the Arnotts in the 1860s.  The historical village of Morpeth, located between Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, is worth a visit to meander through boutique shops and eateries and pick up some of this delish bread.

Stephen & Allison Arnott, Bakers
148 Swan St.
NSW 2321
+61 (0)2 4934 4148
[email protected]

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