Wine Library, Sydney, Australia

I visited the Wine Library in Woollahra (other end of Oxford St.) on a Tuesday night and it was packed – not like sardines in a squishy way but more like eggs in a carton – not a lot of room but cosy and each with her own spot.  The crowd was lively and buzzing (although it could have been me doing the buzzing after spending 10 hours already on a food and wine crawl with my gastronome gal Shaz).  Sitting at the bar was a perfect spot to enjoy the tapas style food and sophisticated but friendly service from the Hugh Jackman look-alike barman.  Loved the detail of having hooks under the bar for your bag or coat.  With a pleasing wine list, gratifying eats, and couth yet convivial surroundings, the Wine Library makes for an agreeable evening.

Wine Library
18 Oxford St
Woollahra, NSW 2025
+61 (0)2 9360 5686
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