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Old Town Kong Heng, Ipoh, Malaysia







Kong Heng and Thean Chun are famous sister restaurants in the old town area of Ipoh. Located side by side, a lively atmosphere is present with orders for specific dishes being shouted between the two depending on which station is cooking up your request. KL foodies will drive two hours to feast on their specialities – pork satay, beef noodles (made from any part of the cow you fancy), bean sprouts with chicken, popiah and chicken noodle soup. Our top pick for this exploration was the popiah – finely chopped veges, with a few crunchy bits wrapped in a paper thin roll, dribbled with a mildly spicy and sweet sauce. Our western taste buds also enjoyed the chicken noodle soup and found the noodles thinner and smoother (almost silky), than any we’ve eaten in KL. The two hour drive to Ipoh makes for an interesting and tasty day trip from KL. Be sure to get there earlyish before the sun is in full force at midday so that you can enjoy a wander around some of the local shops before the heat causes you to wither.

Old Town – Kong Heng Popiah & Laksa
75 Jalan Bandar Timah
Ipoh 30000
016 553 1808


  1. The food looks good.How did you manage to find this place?

  2. I was lucky enough to be on a foodie tour with a Chinese KLer who is serious about her food and willing to travel for it!

  3. Pork satay! You don't find that very often around KL.

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