Verandah, Westin Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Again the Westin pleases from the moment you sit down at any restaurant on their premises, in this case Verandah, with light jazz tickling the background, water trickling nearby, a cool sea breeze ruffling the table cloths and amiable waitstaff ready to receive you.  Each restaurant at the resort has its own distinct feel and menu – right down to the detail of serving unique bread in each locale.  Here you start your meal with pizza base triangles served with sun dried tomato pesto, garlic butter and black olive paste.  Again, like their other dining options, the whole menu is good.  What is worth making a trip for  though are their Summer Salads, my personal fav being the Superfood Salad. Consisting of smoked wild salmon carpaccio, green tea seared salmon, baby spinach, crispy lettuce leaves, asparagus spears, mango, edamame peas, semi dried tomatoes, citrus fruits and berries, red onion, lightly toasted walnuts & cashews, the Superfood salad should satiate your nutritional needs for a few days. A rack of three test tubes of dressings – curry yoghurt, mango chutney and balsamic are a fun way to add some extra scrumptiousness to your salmagundi of health. The Summer Vegetarian Salad is an enticing option too.  Lettuce (a little too much iceberg), bean cake, tofu, asparagus, fetta, crispy wontons and avocado provides a multifariousness of textures and flavours to the palate. 

Westin Resort
Nusa Dua

Bali, Indonesia

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  1. Looks a lovely place to relax.

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