Prego, Westin Hotel, Bukit Bintang, Malaysia

Prego remains one of my all time favourite places to dine in KL.  The number one reason for the high ranking is the service. Although a few lovely wait staff have come and been snatched up by other establishments over the years, there is still a significant number of faces who recognize and welcome us every time we enter – which happens to average about once every two weeks.  Service is professional but friendly. An open kitchen with up to 10 lively cooks led courageously by chef Nick, a wood-fired pizza oven and, fry pans blazing provide spirited entertainment.  The occasional dish being dropped brings a round of applause from staff and, guests celebrating their birthday are given the full festive treatment – red noses, toe tapping version of the birthday song and ice cream cake like no other.  In general you can’t go wrong ordering pizza or pasta from Prego but my personal list of must trys are: the salt crusted sea bass (brought to you whole on a platter, filleted and dished out to you by expert hands), fresh figs in a gorgonzola cream sauce (fruity tangy creamy – a titillating combo) and the pumpkin ravioli with fig vinegar (smooth sweet pumpkin puree enveloped in a thin egg pasta dough and topped of with a nectarous drop off fig vinegar). The Starwood Privilege card will get you a 50% discount when dining in two. Prego is also renowned for their legendary champagne brunches… but more on those in another post.

The Westin
199 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
603 2773 8338


  1. Ohhh did you try their RM48++ pasta & pizzas "eat all u can" ?

  2. Agreed that service here is impeccable. With food though you have to be careful that you don't go when it is the head chef's off day. As when he is not around the food tends to have too much oil/butter and lacks the special touch that you'd expect from Prego. Your safest bet is to go on a weekend and not earlier in the week when the cooking might not be as supervised.

  3. Sunday bubbly brunch! Mmmm… party.

  4. Mmmm…. bubble brunch sounds gooddddd…

  5. Went there Friday night as per your recommendation and ate the sea bass and figs! Delicious!

  6. Also love that ice cream oreo cake.

  7. Are they halal?

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