Sushi Heng, Subang Jaya, Malaysia

I feel as though I’ve hit the food jackpot with this week’s find! Sushi Heng in Subang Jaya has to be at the top of this year’s Yum List discoveries. Located very humbly in the enormous Asia Cafe food court, you would never guess that an internationally acclaimed chef was simmering in the kitchen waiting to give you the most sensational sushi experience of your life. I know I sound like a kid on a sugar high – that’s what I feel like! Chef Heng has worked, trained and been stolen from one restaurant to another around the globe in 5 star hotels such as the Hilton and the Sheraton. With locations such as Las Vegas Hilton up his sleeve he has to be on top of his game. Why he is located in such an unassuming setting now remains a mystery to me but I’m soooo happy that he has decided to share his talent with the masses.

If you just saw photos of the food alone, you would think that you were looking at dishes from an expensive 5 star hotel. It is an almost surreal experience, dining on such exquisite pieces, but surrounded by the hustle, bustle and smells of an outdoor food court. Chef Heng explained the design process he goes through to create such delightful compositions. While Chinese himself, but with his essential sushi training in Japan, in true Nippon style he plans every detail of each sushi masterpiece before constructing it. Drawing minute details, considering flavours, textures, shapes, colour and balance, the work of sushi making is approached with the passion of an artist.

On our first culinary adventure with Chef Heng we gave him a budget and asked him to serve us whatever he pleased. Pictured above you’ll see a variety of sushi and sashimi plates. The butterfish sashimi was so fresh and, well, buttery that it will be on my order every time I return. And, I was so impressed with the strawberry, avocado & mixed seafood artwork that I couldn’t help but including two photos of that one dish. We finished with a surprise radish wrapped piece that was refreshing and a perfect end to an artful meal.

Chef Heng also does catering for functions. He can bring his whole tool kit to your event and work his magic on site. Most dishes on his menu range from 10 – 40RM.  With incredible food and unbeatable prices, Sushi Heng is my pick for the best of The Yum List for 2011.

Sushi Heng
Asia Cafe (opposite INTI College)
2 Jalan SS15/8
47500 Subang Jaya
[email protected]
+6 016 9299 886
Open 6:00pm – 2:30am


  1. I didn’t know there such place at Asia Café!
    The maki with strawberries looks interesting!

  2. Yeah, that was my favourite dish. A little sweet touch with the strawberries and a nice creamy texture with the avocado with lots of fish eggs for texture and taste too.

  3. Looks awesome! Looks like the sushi rolls are bursting with ingredients, instead of being mainly rice. A friend mentioned to me a couple of years ago that this stall was really popular with college kids on weekdays for dinner, so I guess it's gonna be thriving for a long time to come, deservedly so 😀

  4. Sean, it is popular with all types ie college kidzz, family and even he has a vast following of Japanese customers including some Australian pilots come a visit whenever they land here. You mite just catch some Celebrities here, you know… try…….. yummmy.. Check out for the Chinese New Year – Japanese Loh Sang…. double yummy……….

  5. I'm gonna go try this place after hearing about it from you yesterday. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Is the restaurant still there? The post has been 1 year old, I really wanna try…

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