La Chocolatine, Langkawi, Malaysia




La Chocolatine came recommended to us by a number of friends as serving the best pastries in town. Upon arrival in the late afternoon there was still a dribble of return expatriates purchasing their favourties for the day. We soon learned that one of the partners in the boulangerie is French. Apparently he insists that only French butter be used and that all recipes maintain their integrity with no adaptation for local taste buds, essentially keeping the authenticity of the products. We were very happy with a flaky moist seraphic Chocolate Almond Croissant and a curvaceous vibrant gold feather-like and buttery classic Croissant. Accompanied by Real Hot Chocolate (made with milk and melted chocolate – no powdery substitutes) the afternoon snack was a blissful pick me up. Also serving crepes, coffee, desserts and crusty bread, it could be a deserving place to return for a light European style breakky.

La Chocolatine
Patisserie, Salon de The, Bistrot
3 Jalan Teluk Baru Pantai Tengah
07000 Langkawi
+6 04 955 8891
[email protected]


  1. I am loving this place and that crepes seems fantastic, simple yet tasteful looking.

    • They have a whole range of sweet and savoury crepes. The one is the picture is a simple sugar crepe. After the croissants and hot chocolate we thought we better keep it simple 🙂

  2. Chocolate is another my fav..
    It really could distress u for a busy day…..
    Have a kit Kay have a break…….

  3. The crepes looks good! You make me wanna go back Langkawi.

  4. The croissants look really nice, wish I can have some! 😀

  5. chocolate croissants! the ones in KL are pretty horrible … it looks like all the good ones have been hiding out in langkawi! 😀

  6. looks like a good french cafe 🙂 would love to try it too!

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  7. The crepes looks awesome. Yes this is a must visit when I visit in April. I hope I actually have enough time to try the many places that I have lifted.

  8. Have put a link to your blog on our

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