Red Tomato, Langkawi, Malaysia

House wine at only 10RM a glass.    Funky amicable atmosphere.

Smoked salmon sandwich.
Banana pancakes and vanilla ice cream.
Lightly toasted gluten free bread with aromatic seeds and a spiced cheese.

Eclectic, funky and so urbanly cool, Red Tomato is a happy place to hang out. Enter through a giant red door and enjoy the mish mash of furnishings including a red piano, chandelier, bird cages, toy trucks and a gigantic hot sauce bottle. After eating, head on upstairs to a comfy lounge area where you can pass the hours on wifi, sipping cool (or hot) drinks, reading magazines or connecting with other travelers. Popular with locals and travelers alike, Red Tomato deals out liberal platefuls of tasty cuisine with many healthy and gluten free choices. Fluffy, wholesome, home made bread is delicious on its own, as part of a sandwich or accompaniment to soup. While I usually shy away from the typical cardboard tasting gluten free breads I’ve come across, the slices at Red Tomato should be tried, gluten intolerant or not. Toasted slices of the slightly chewy loaf topped with their spicy cheese is delightful. Chatting with some regulars during our meal we soon found out that Red Tomato is known around town for their fresh salads, goulash and tomato soups, eggs benedict and filling pastas. A variety of drinks are available with wine starting from 10RM a glass and 50RM a bottle. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Red Tomato seems to be busy at any time of the day – a sure testament of a reliable eatery.

Red Tomato Restaurant and Lounge
5 Casa Fina Avenue
Pantai Cenang
07000 Langkawi
+6 04 955 4055

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  1. Banana pancake with ice cream on top looks very delicious and perfect as dessert. πŸ˜€

  2. Woah… I can't believe Langkawi has so many unique places to hang out. They even have gluten free bread? Impressive. =)

  3. I miss the goulash soup I had in Budapest! If we ever go to Langkawi, we have to try the Red Tomato version of it. πŸ™‚

  4. that pancake looks like a simple yet delightful thing to have on a seaside vacation.. =)

  5. It's been a while since I have been to Langkawi and I want to start planning for a getaway to this place soon;)

  6. the banana pancake looks awesome πŸ™‚ does anywhere around KL serve this as well?

    Latest: Sinful Indulgence

    • In KL I love the pancakes at Marmalade – there are a few outlets around the city – Bangsar Village II, Mont Kiara and I think a new one in Solaris Dutamas.

  7. Oh those lucky langkawians! To be able to still carve out a profit when selling wine at RM10 per glass. Actually I'm probably fortunate that I don't live in langkawi, cos I'd probably be drunk all the time, considering how inexpensive the liquor is. Red Tomato looks like such a cheerful and welcoming place … Another outlet I wish we could magically transport to KL πŸ˜€

    • Yeah, it would be nice to have a similar spot in KL – especially if they could magically bring the same drink prices along with them. Actually I think if restaurants were a bit smarter in KL they could attract more people with lower wine prices. It peeves me when I see one glass of wine for 36RM++ when I can get the exact same bottle in the supermarket for 30RM++!!!

  8. Ooooo….that smoked salmon sandwich looks uber yum!!

  9. OOh yes I agree with above-me, the sandwich looks yum!! I also happen to be a big fan of banana pancake with vanilla ice cream. oh Gosh! I want it now ahaha

  10. They could always open a vegan or organic outlet called the Green Tomato, yes? ;P

  11. Those are such gorgeous pics—wish I knew about this place when I went to Langkawi!

    —Damyanti, co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  12. Actually, I am in Langkawi having lunch in Red Tomato. The pasta is the weakest link, not al dente, I am afraid. The salmon sandwich and the salad get the points. Particularly the bread. And the owner will insist that you should eat them without toasting to get the real flavour. Very German! That's where she's originally from, we think. And so as the food and the place. A kind of rough yet easy-going atmosphere! But in general, I like it. And the owner definitely has a passion of food!

  13. I am actually in Langkawi having lunch with friends in Red Tomato at the moment. The pasta is the weakest link, not al dente, I am afraid. The salmon sandwich and the salad win some points, particularly the bread. And the owner will insist that you eat it without toasting in order to get the best flavour. Very firm and German! Perhaps where she is originally from, we guess. So as the food and the place, a kind of rough but easy going atmosphere. In general, a nice place to hang out.

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