Valentine Roti, Best Roti in Kuala Lumpur? Malaysia

Valentine in action
Valentine Roti

Roti Telur
Roti Dipped in Condensed Milk
Roti Yumminess
Claimed by many to sell the best roti canai in all of Kuala Lumpur, Valentine Roti sounded like the ideal late night (after-a-few-drinks-get-something-in-your-tummy-before-you-go-to-bed-so-you-don’t-wake-up-with-a-hangover) spot. I was surprised to see at midnight on a weeknight, a number of people seated, still more arriving, and fresh roti firing full tilt off the scorching skillet. The agile Valentine himself was on deck, nimbly stretching whirling and flipping each roti into perfection. Not being able to decide on just one when faced with 30+ choices, we went with the advice of Valentine’s dad – the original roti man – and ordered: roti canai (plain); roti pisang (banana); roti telur (egg); roti Valentine (named after the man himself with mixed veg and sardines) and; roti bon (smothered with margarine and best eaten dripping with condensed milk). Different fillings put aside as I think this is a matter of personal preference, all of the roti was tissue thin yet still moist and flexible. Dealt blazing and buttery direct from griddle to table, Valentine roti got a ‘Yum’s up’ from all at our table and, checking in the following day, did a commendable job of hangover prevention too. 
Valentine Roti
1 Jalan Semarak
54000 Kuala Lumpur
Ilango: 019 214 2093
            019 262 6371
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  1. Valentine Roti comes with lots of love too.. =)

  2. Ah, been a while since I ate Valentine Roti so it is good to hear it still gets the thumbs up.

  3. OH ahahha so the man's name is actually Valentine! OMG!! What a name!

    And…. what a spot! after-a-few-drinks-get-something-in-your-tummy-before-you-go-to-bed-so-you-don't-wake-up-with-a-hangover spot!! ;)))

    Aannnnnnddd…. that guy is touching the supposedly hot just fried roti off the pan! what a show!

    Overall… what a post! :p

  4. When I read d title .. i tot it was a new roti for d val day… LOL…
    d roti seems very good .. crispy…

  5. Any Valentino Roti? I've always wanted to try something similar to roti bon that you mentioned but I get cold shivers each time when I think of dipping anything into condensed milk.

    • Valentino roti 🙂 – what ingredients would you choose? Condensed milk – that was the best bit! 🙂 No joke, it brought back childhood memories of condensed milk sandwiches snuck while mum was not looking.

  6. gosh, maybe enterprising malaysians should try to market 'roti canai' as hangover-preventers! imagine if bars across the world someday start serving small plates of sliced-up roti canai to drinkers, instead of peanuts 😀

  7. i like the roti man video good to see him in action

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